Watch Wonder Woman comes to life as the Supergirl stuntwoman Jessie Graff dominates the Los Angles finals of American Ninja Warrior.

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By day, Jessie Graff is the Supergirl stuntwoman. By night, she transforms into the Amazon princess. The super athlete dominated the season 8 premiere of American Ninja Warrior by owning the obstacle course in just under four and half minutes while dressed in a Wonder Woman costume to boot. Graff created history by becoming the first woman ever to finish the challenge.

Now the real life Wonder Woman is back for the city finals with 29 other finalists and she continues to steal the show. This time round Jessie Graff takes on the Wedge, the course’s eighth obstacle that took out many elite ninjas. Yet she remained completely unfazed and was the first person to get past it. In doing so, she qualified for the Las Vegas finals.

Eventually, the Helix Hang was the kryptonite that ended her dream run. Still, Kara and Diana would have been really proud with Jessie Graff for coming in second (only one person managed to finish the course) and crushing all other competition, men and women alike.

Jessie Graff will head confidently into the finals, knowing what she has what it takes to beat the boys at the game. Like her superhero counterparts, it was amazing to see how she completed each section calmly and effortlessly and made it look like a walk in the park. What kind of regular human being can scale a curved wall like it is nothing?

We will definitely be rooting for Graff at the Las Vegas finals. Rock on, Jessie!