Think Under Armour and the first words that come to your mind are “sporty”, “fitness” and “#healthgoals”. You would visualize Stephen Curry dunking his basketball in neon highlighter sneakers or an army of Misty Copeland pirouetting in vibrantly patterned fitness apparel. Sophisticated sportswear? That will be a stretch, even by Lycra standards.

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But the new Under Armour Sportswear line is set to change all that. It is the company’s $15 billion answer to their lack of fashion credibility—and to Steph Curry’s haters. The collection debuted recently at the New York Fashion Week and to say it was a departure from Under Armour’s typical aesthetic would be the understatement of 2016.



The Baltimore-based brand has tapped Tim Coppens to serve as the creative director for the UAS line. It came as no surprise to those familiar with the Belgian designer’s eponymous lines, which have outdoor tech added to classic menswear silhouettes.

Sophisticated and preppy, the UAS menswear collection has blazers, chinos, and oxfords, mixed in with regular sportswear. Clearly, Coppens’ mission is to find a balance and walk the tightrope between sporty, casual and cool. Sweatpants and hoodies are still in but not necessarily the kind you would break out sweat in – nor the kind that is in-your-face “street.” Coppens put Under Armour’s high-tech resources to the test with his signature touches on familiar athletic wear: chinos have water-repellent fabric, the field boots come in Michelin rubber sole and the puffer coats are made with zero stitches for the sleek, seamless look.

under armour uas launch collection women


There is actually a separate UAS womenswear collection but we tomboys still prefer the menswear for its wider range of tops, blazers, and footwear. Some of the items are downright perplexing – not all women want to wear heeled sneakers and wedges. Some of us like our feet to be closer to the ground, thank you very much. How would the silky tees and pants hold up in the fall weather? And seriously, who in their right mind would wear a dress to tackle your rugby opponents on the field?

If you are sold on the UAS collection like us, you can shop it online now or wait a few weeks for the line to appear in the shops.