‘Tis the season to be jolly but the wacky Tomboy Tirade crew find themselves crossing path with a reindeer kidnapping gang run by comedians Hannan Azlan and Harriet Braine. Can these hapless elf wannabes stop the reindeer theft and save Christmas for everybody?

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It’s Tomboy Tirade’s favourite season of the year (after Halloween, of course!) and the team is set on becoming Santa Clauses this year. Unfortunately, only Joanna was accepted to the Santa Claus school. In the meanwhile, Persis, Raven and Siti are forced to swallow their pride and audition for the Santa Workshop Christmas Elf school where they run into musicals comedians Hannan Azlan and Harriet Braine who are winning the staff over with their funny songs.

Looking to improve their chances, the crew strikes a friendship with these two and learn about Hannan’s creative way of dealing with heckers and Harriet’s unusual goals for 2017.

But little did they know that Hannan and Harriet are using the audition as a cover for their actual mission: to kidnap Santa’s finest reindeers and possibly ruin Christmas for everybody. How is Santa Claus going to deliver presents from the Santa workshop to kids all over the world without his reindeer?

Will the clueless trio learn about their new friends’ Christmas shenanigans in time? Or are they are too besotted with forming their Tirade squad to rival Taylor Swift?

It’s an episode of festive proportions so download or stream the episode below now!



1. SONG PERFORMANCES [03’52” & 06’56]

As part of their Christmas elf auditions, Harriet sings about the French artist Henri Matisse, while Hannan tries to vow the school with a song on forbidden love


Malaysian comedian Hannan Azlan grew up as a precocious musician and theatre student, and just last year decided to give stand-up comedy a try. Now she’s the youngest comedian and the first woman ever to win the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition since its inception a decade ago.

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Harriet Braine hails from London and her speciality is art history songs. 2016 is a breakout year for this up and coming musical comedian as she is comes in as the finalist for So You Think You’re Funny? and snagged the Best Newcomer title for the 2016 Musical Comedy Awards. She won the Stage Award for this year’s edition of the Funny Women Awards, which was set up in 2003 to under new talent and recognise women in comedy.

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2. SONG SHOWDOWN [32’57” & 33’52”]

Who is funnier? Who sings better? Are you Team Hannan or Team Harriet? Find out in the ultimate song showdown between Hannan and Harriet as they sing about their favourite festive food.