This week, Team Tirade goes all out to win their first ever Hackathon by hiring top geeks Sayanee Basu and Chen Hui Jing on their quest. But things quickly go downhill with Raven and Siti’s latest obsession with Pokemon Go. Can the wacky crew teleport themselves out of this outrageous mess? Find out in a new episode of Tomboy Tirade!

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The haze from the Indonesian forest fires has reached Singapore once again. In a hackathon to solve the annual haze issue, the Tirade crew of Joanna, Persis, Raven, and Siti has a brilliant idea: build a transporter to teleport all the smog out of Singapore to outer space. Star Trek nerd Persis’s faithful watching of all the Star Trek movies and television shows, including the critically panned Deep Space Nine, leads them to build their transporter. Unfortunately, it keeps breaking down and the tech-unsavvy tomboys couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

So the ever resourceful Joanna hires top developers Sayanee Basu and Chen Hui Jing to troubleshoot their transporter and help them win the Hackathon – which to Siti’s disappointment, does not involve actually hacking an evil corporation and freeing the world from debt.

However, Raven and Siti have become distracted with this year’s latest fad: Pokemon Go and they would rather catch Pokemons and fight in gyms rather than stop the annual haze. Will their obsession lead the tomboys down a rabbit hole of comedic proportions? What happens when an obsessed Siti insert a Pokemon lure in the teleporting code? Can they teleport themselves away from those evil Pokemons or will they turn into one of phone clutching members of the new walking dead?


1. GUEST BIOS [06’40”]

Chen Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and front-end developer who believes HTML and CSS are the foundations of the web. This ex-fulltime basketball player runs a website where you can check out the projects she has worked out and read her thoughts about her developer journey. Or simply follow her on Twitter to get the latest updates.

Sayanee Basu is an engineer with a focus on the web and electronics. She spends most of her time tinkering with the physical world through hardware, wireless communications, and web technologies. At other times, she does developer community engagements with we build live or creates screencasts with Build Podcast.

She runs the Build Podcast and is a co-host on We Build Podcast. You can check out her website or follow her on Twitter.


Build Podcast is a show about technology tools for design and development. Each episode, Sayanee will be creating a screencast that will take you through step-by-step in using one tool to build a little project, all in the fun spirit of hacking, creating and building stuff!

Each episode uses a MAC OS X Mountain Lion operating system in a MacBook Pro machine and assumes that the viewer has an intermediate level of understanding in the development of software/hardware to pick up new tools for building stuff.


We Build is a robot-handpicked list of open events and open source for designers, developers and makers in Singapore You can listen to its live podcast or check out the Open data trends.

For updates, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


Since the Pokemon craze started, the location-based augmented reality game has seen holocaust museums having to discourage players, atheists driven into churches, naïve New Zealanders led to Hells Angels clubs and police stations filled with players. Over in Singapore, 2 men were arrested over a Pokemon Go fight, one allegedly crashed his car and people are haphazardly running across the roads to catch their Pokemons.

A group of Ph.D. students from the MIT Media Lab and researchers from Microsoft Research has come up with the ultimate wearable: a temporary tattoo that can turn into a touchpad, remotely control your smartphone or share data using NFC. How cool is that?

Elon Musk has been floating some futurist tech ideas lately. But his thoughts on something called “neural lace” have to be the most far out. It ties into his concerns about AI and how he believes one day machines will become smarter than humans. According to him, machines could come to think of humans as house pets on a benign level or simply come to destroy all of the humanity, as numerous movies have depicted. He doesn’t want to be a house cat for the robots so his way to beat AI is for us to insert an A.I. layer (on our brain), that can work well and symbiotically with you. By using this neural lace, Musk hopes human cognitive abilities can be improved to best the advancement of artificial intelligence or at least match it.

3. THIS OR THAT [27’16”]

Tomboy Tirade goes analog as the crew plays a game of This or That with our guests. Who will come out on top?

  • Pokemon or Super Mario
  • You are Neo and Morpheus asks you to choose between staying in the Matrix or leaving it. Will you take the red pill or blue pill?
  • In a robots vs. human war, will you assimilate with the robots or fight for humanity?
  • Star Wars or Star Trek?
  • Which company is most likely to become Skynet in future? – SpaceX or Google?
  • Which is a better invention – Teleporter or Holodeck?
  • Who would you rather be – Elon Musk or Tony Stark?


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