Meet Nic and Lisa, contestants from the latest season of The Amazing Race Asia and first ever LGBT couple to be ever featured in the Asian edition of the show. We recently speak to the couple to find out about their experience on the show, their plans to start a family and what’s in store for them next.

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The Amazing Race Asia, the world’s most popular adventure reality series is back on our screens once again. In this latest season, 10 teams of socially savvy, fearless warriors from all over Asia will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, traversing the globe and proving their mettle on a quest to be crowned the all-out champion.

Among them are life partners Nic and Lisa, who are representing Vietnam and making waves in the region for being the first ever LGBT couple to be openly featured on the show.

Nic is Italian-American and Lisa is Vietnamese-American and the two reside in the vibrant, lively city of Saigon – where Lisa’s family originally hail from. Married for nearly 2 years, the couple met on a magical blind date. Randomly set up by two friends, Nic and Lisa first locked eyes and the rest is history.


Now over 5 years later, the couple spends most of their time with their favourite pastime: travel.  Having traveled to 15 countries together since their first meeting, the couple enjoys food tourism, historical sites, and immersing themselves with locals for the authentic experience. Nic and Lisa’s passion is to travel around the region and globe uncovering and tapping into the local LGBT scenes – the women queer scene in particular. This mission is in line with their recent initiative Les Come Out.

After being cast on the Amazing Race Asia Season 5 – as the first ever out same-sex couple – and first ever LGBT couple on any Asian network – Nic and Lisa were humbled and honoured to step into the LGBT spotlight and were determined to use it to give back the community.

With this goal, Les Come Out was born. It is Saigon’s first queer all-women and trans-inclusive meet-up series, with a simple mission: to promote connection, collaboration, information-sharing, support, and generally have a good time! Nic and Lisa are responding to the rather fragmented queer women community in Saigon – split between locals and expats and generally lacking unified community in general. Naturally, activism and fighting for LGBT rights are noble and important undertakings – but their aim is different – it’s about kicking back for a moment from that – and coming together to celebrate our victories and to support one another.

Nic and Lisa also blog on the topic of “Lesbian Asia” for Australia’s Lesbians Out Loud Magazine and U.S. Lesbian Magazine “Curve.”

Apart from these endeavours, Nic, a Behaviour Analyst by training, spends most of her time providing therapy for children diagnosed with Autism and other behaviour problems and Lisa assists as the business manager of Nic’s practice. Together, the couple travels to offer workshops to educate local Vietnamese about Autism.

With growing fan base and plans to start a family, it seems like Nic and Lisa about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives right after taking part in The Amazing Race Asia.

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