What inspiring tomboy style looks caught our eyes on Instagram this week? Well, check them out below in edition #27 of our Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week.

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Welcome tomboy tribers! It’s edition #27 of our weekly Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week and we have got some cool tomboy personalities this week strutting their tomboy styled outfits loudly and proudly.

In case you didn’t know what this series is all about – well, we started it to celebrate and appreciate the women who are inventing their own timeless inspiring classic tomboy style looks. So check out the cool tomboy styles of this week’s amazing personalities down below and hashtag us at #tomboytarts on Instagram with full-length pictures of yourselves if you want to be *featured.

We are stoked to present you this week’s amazing ladies. OK, come on, googles on – here we go!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #27 Tomboy Tarts

Ms White is a stylist who has a distinct raw and gritty urban tomboy style. Here she literally tears down a classic tomboy bolero look with a pair of ripped jeans so badass it screams ‘Eff you!’. Paired with a pair of transparent zip up peek-a-boo heels, this is a look that can work on TGIFs at the office and at the clubs. Attitude not included.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #27 Tomboy Tarts

She may have given up her place as the Black Canary on the CW hit show, ‘Arrow’ but that doesn’t mean tomboy Katy Cassidy has been resting on her laurels (Oops, excuse the pun on her character’s name? LOL!) Here we see her donning a really cool army green bomber jacket with jeans exuding all that confidence we’ve seen onscreen. Go Katy!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #27 Tomboy Tarts

Seoul-based photographer Alex Finch has done it again with this quirky tomboy number. This is no ex-member of that alt-dance group, Cibbo Matto but the tomboy styled outfit of the day we see here certainly screams ‘Sugar Water’ somewhere. Peach blonde bob-cut hair with an anime style goes well with the sweatshirt and rolled up, wide-leg khakis and oh, those Mad Hatter shoes! Can we borrow those along with the socks? An awesome look we had to go deep in the rabbit hole for. 


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #27 Tomboy Tarts

Wiloka from Indonesia is a tomboy who enjoys living the simple life with her simple thoughts. Don’t judge her because she has her own tomboy style. Her style goes from andro urban to tomboy chic as we see here with tank top, white short and jeans. Want to get to know this asian tomboy better? Head down to her Instagram account and say ‘Apa khabar’ which is “Hello, how are you?” in Indonesian.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #27 Tomboy Tarts

Lexiekioe is an Asian tomboy who has got some major poncho power on in this tomboy-styled outfit. Get into the teepee with her along with her cute dyed short hair. Check out her Instagram account for more inspiring tomboy outfits from this cool chick.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #27 Tomboy Tarts

Ultimate tomboy style coolness x 2 is why we love this photo. Melodie Jeng captures the street jaunts of models @frederikkesofie and @ulrikkehoyer from 2PM Models and ModelsDot for a Hugo Boss shoot. On the left, Frederikke Sofie dons a culotte and retro glasses in totally fabulous 70s urban tomboy chic style while on the right is a more masculine look with grey bomber and black plants. Work it tomboys!

So what did you think about the tomboy styles we featured this week? Are you ready to take on their hard rock styles or do you have your own style in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

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If you feel your tomboy style is unique and you have a great story behind it, let us know. Just use the hashtag #tomboytarts on Instagram and we’ll feature you *here!

*We try to give everyone an opportunity so if you’ve already been featured, give us a few weeks to get you back in yeah? Thanks lovelies! 🙂