We’ve known for sometime that the geeks out there are drooling over their smartwatches but if you’re a classic tomboy like us who’s turned their noses slightly up at them, know this. We now have a smart timepiece that is the perfect hybrid of a kickass vintage diving watch infused with high-tech capabilities. Introducing Alpine’s latest – The Seastrong Horological Smartwatch (for men). Check it out!

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Tri-brid, octo-brid, hybrid, or smart-brid, Alpina, the famous Swiss watch brand founded in 1883 has done what not a lot of Apples and Samsungs have done. They’ve come up with the perfect hybrid of a natty diving watch with smartwatch-like high tech functions.

Guys, this watch is better than Caitlin Jenner’s plastic surgeries, because if you’re like us at Tomboy Tarts, you know we’re not fans of lame, strap-on smartwatches that look more aneroxic than Karen Carpenter because with us classic tomboys, the vintage appeal is important.

And this watch does not disappoint in that department. The Seastrong Horological Smartwatch (for men) as it’s called, has vintage tool watch looks and usability but easily pairs with an iOS or Android phone through its MMT-365 app. What? Are you kidding? Get the funk outta here.

Yes, we kid you not. Tomboys, you can now straddle the world of digital and mechanical without compromising on your classic tomboy spurs.


When not exploring the ocean’s depths you can receive call and email notifications, track your activity throughout the day, monitor your sleep patterns during the night, set up sleep cycle alarms set alerts to promote a more active lifestyle, and automatically update your watch’s time and date functions. Now, that’s one snazzy piece of work, like perfect Yorkshire pudding. Yum!

Check out the worldtimer function which also keeps track of various time zones, and if you need to restore your data anytime you misplace it or accidentally hit reset, no problem. You can store all the watch’s data in the cloud.

With black, red and green dial options, 330-ft. water resistance, rally-style strap and an affordable price tag, the Seastrong Horological Smartwatch is one timepiece that’s ripe for heavy rotation.


The Seastrong Horological Smartwatch is faithful to the traditional Swiss watchmaking codes. The design was inspired by the historical Alpina diving watches featuring a black or blue analogical dial with the iconic Alpina logo at 12 o’clock.

A 44m fiberglass case featuring a 60 minute uni-directional turning bezel; an important “fail-safe” feature in all diver watches which prevents the number of elapsed minutes to be accidentally decreased. The watch holds a 100m/330ft water-resistance and the luminous hands, indexes and markers which allow for perfect visibility under challenging circumstances.


The all-purpose rubber strap perfect for the casual wearer as well as the recreational diver. The collection presents 4 models, each sporting a different bezel color: black, green, orange and navy blue. This new model carries on the tradition by truly representing the outdoor, adventure-seeking brand that is Alpina.

Any classic tomboy looking for that perfect watch this year should at least take a glance at this baby. We know we are.

h/t Airows