If road trips are your thing, tomboys, this new short film from NYC menswear brand, Rivay, has never made them look this good featuring friend of the brand, Matt Leonard, driving his badass 1972 BMW 3.0 CS on some pretty country roads. As tomboys obsessed with adventures on the road, we took the trip and here’s our thoughts on the film.

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Getting on the road is a tomboy thing. It’s part of our tomboy lifestyle. Whether it’s in a car or a bike, it’s built into our wandering, independent spirit. I should know. I get on the road for everything. To relieve stress, to run errands, to transport family members, to get rid of family members, solo sex (oops!), impromptu scraggly-voiced rock n roll karaoke sessions and on occasion escape the dull as dishwater routines of life.

In a car, I’m my truest self with nothing but the steering wheels and the road ahead of me, which is why I was happy to see how menswear upstart brand Rivay also shared the same philosophies of escapism with me with the release of this cool and amazing video of Matt Leonard, friend of the brand, taking to the road in his 1972 vintage BMW 3.0 CS.

Matt ruminates on what life on the road means to him as he drives us over the Brooklyn bridge and onto some country roads to get a couple hours of reprieve from his life.

The film’s messaging encompasses everything one looks for when hitting the tarmac. The feeling of freedom, adventure and inspiration that comes when you’re on a road trip.

Viewers get to hop into this vintage BMW and take in the sights and sounds of the journey via cutaways of road, sun-kissed trees and surrounding landscapes that look like they came out of a Ralph Lauren ad.

What got my attention was not road, trees, grass, sky etc but the amazing retro gorgeousness of the car. We could drool over insert shots of pure BMW vintage goodness. Manual gear shift (hell yeah), iconic headlamps and insignia embedded on an equally iconic front end that has graced many, many 70s Hollywood films and yeah, leather seats and refurbished wooden steering.

Of course, like any twisted JG Ballard novel where civilisation goes head to head with humans who eventually doom themselves in the process, I went gaga over the point where the car’s engines were heard ferociously being revved to maximum speed.

You’ll also be glad to know that this video was roadkill-free (yay!) and that the driver wasn’t pulled over and slapped with a speeding ticket (phew!) along the way.

All plus points in a 2-minute meditative piece that makes for thoughtful watching. Especially when we all know that the best road trips are the ones that are never planned but are the ones where you get lost…