Retro car icon the Fiat 500 never really left modern civilisation. It just took a long nap at the Italian car manufacturer’s engineering and design archives to burst back into the scene in 2014. Tomboys, get in and take a classic tomboy ride with us in this cute car and see why it remains a memorable favourite today.

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The last time anyone remembers the Fiat 500, it was in the late 50s and 60s when Twiggy made aneroxic look hip and Italian beauty Sophia Loren was making brunette-ism the hottest thing on the planet. Things were passionate and really made iconic back then and today, in a world gone cyborg-expressionless crazy, it just makes sense that Fiat make a retro-modern version of the car that make Frederico Fellini films look o, so chic.


It’s got all the same underpinnings as a base-spec 500 — 1.4L Multi-Air engine, five-speed manual — but has lots of touches that recall the original. Notably, the vintage wheels, chrome bumpers and color. It comes in that blue above, as well as white or a light green. And yes, it also has a sport mode. Whoa!


This modern iteration of the Fiat 500 is definitely a souped up version of the 1957 legendary icon. No doubt about it. What’s good is that it doesn’t stray away from the cool and cute chic of the original.

There’s a lot of palazzo pants to this 2017 model which features the innovative 1.4-liter MultiAir engine and C514 five-speed manual transmission, delivering an EPA estimated 31 miles per gallon (mpg) city and 40 mpg highway.


There’s also a driver-selectable “Sport” mode on the instrument panel to unleash a more aggressive throttle map. Additionally, an optional six-speed automatic transmission with driver-selectable gear changes is also available. In Sport mode, the automatic transmission offers a more aggressive shift schedule and throttle map for improved engine responsiveness.

So for classic tomboys that want more class in their vintage tomboy life, look no further than the new contemporary take of the pop-styled retro car, the Fiat 500. Head down to Fiat’s official website for the vehicle for more information and specs on the car.