We, women, have been menstruating since, like forever. We know what a hassle that is. It’s wet, it stinks and everything about it sucks, period. Whether you are on Team Pad or Team Tampon, you are always going to deal with leakage and period stains. Enter THINX: your period underwear of the future.

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When we first saw the THINX or period-proof underwear, the first thought that came to our mind was Ewww! Who wants to walk around looking like vampire bait, free bleeding into an underwear that is soaked in your own blood? Is our laundry time going to resemble the clean-up of a crime scene? Apparently these normal–looking pairs of underwear claim to be able to catch your period while keeping you clean, dry, and stain-free. No more need for pantyliners! You can wear them all day and they are totally reusable. The THINX undies can backup or even replace your tampon, pads, cups or even sea sponges (f you are into that).  Sounds too good to be true?

According to their website, the secret to these undies are their layers. They have separate functions designed to wick moisture away from your body to keep you dry, kill bacteria, absorbs up to two tampons worth of liquid, and prevents leaking.

The undies run USD$24 – USD$38 and come in six styles: hiphugger, hi-waist, sport, boyshort, cheeky and thong. The bigger the coverage, the more period blood THINX underwear can absorb. You know what they say: Go big or go home. The pricing looks fairly reasonable, for the freedom of never having to wear tampons and pads for rest of your bleeding life. (Ok, that’s NOT what THINX is promising, but one can always dream!).

It is mind blogging to think that in an era of driverless cars and women’s emancipation, there is hardly any innovation in the feminine hygiene products which regularly worn by 50% of the population for the majority of their adult lives. Tampons were invented in 1931 and all we have to show for in the past 85 years are adhesive strips and wings on pads.

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Identical twins Miki and Radha Agrawal, along with their friend Antonia Dunbar, came up with the idea for  THINX when the twins were literally washing period blood out of Radha’s swimsuit bottoms. Cue two identical “there has to be a better way!” faces and a winning product is born.

Face it, our current options are far from ideal: pads are bulky, many tampons put you at risk for toxic shock syndrome, organic alternative are not cheap and not everybody can wear menstrual cups. There’s a demand out there for crying out loud, are you listening Silicon Valley?

THINX is not the first period underwear on the market – Lunapanties are an alternative. But these THINX undies are so high-tech that they certainly feel like a product of the future.

However there are challenges facing the efforts to improve period technology. Menstruation is one of the oldest taboos in the world. The idea is that menstruation is something that is inherently unclean and even disgusting.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. We have survived a Carrie remake in 2013 (watch the original, kids), surely we can’t be that afraid of some period blood? Yet it still takes a Instagram period blood controversey before we can even start having the long overdue conversation about our periods.

As the momentum gets under way, the time looks ripe for a revolution in feminine hygiene products. That is absolutely awesome in our books because it’s 2016 and we shouldn’t have to be struck in the dark ages with our periods anymore.