This week, in the last of our Tomboy Tirade Terror Trilogy Special, we attend a Murder Mystery Dinner with Shipwrecked Comedy and connect with the Master of Mystery himself, Edgar Allan Poe. Can we  get to the bottom of the Tomboy Tirade’s Halloween curse? Or will we incur the wrath of the ravens?

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It’s been a rough Halloween night for the Tomboy Tirade comedy podcast crew, Joanna, Persis, Raven and Siti.  They were on the run since the Episode 1 of our October Halloween Trilogy Special after Dirty Cues ghosts bailed out on them in a zombie attacked. In Episode 2, they offered a ride mysterious woman on the highway that turns out to be science wizard, Ranae Holland from Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”. But their good luck runs out and were attacked by Bigfoot himself before the Feng Shui Master could top up on their luck in order to survive this perilous night.

Team Tomboy Tirade wants to get to the bottom of the notorious Halloween curse that is haunting them since saving 1920s New York in 2014? And who better to solve this mystery, than the Master of Mystery himself, Edgar Allan Poe? Of course, the great man is very dead but the resourceful Joanna arranged for a seance with the ladies of Shipwrecked Comedy who has been hosting his ghost in their very haunted mansion.

Already things got off to a bad start when they lost Siti to a pack of zombies on the ride there. Rumor has it that famous literary icons were actually dying at the murder mystery dinner that was recently held by Shipwrecked Comedy. What will it take for  wacky trio of Joanna, Persis and Raven to survive the spooktacular extravaganza?



Founded in the summer of 2013, Shipwrecked Comedy set out to create comedic historical literary content. Over the past three years they have done just that. With series such as”A Tell Tale Vlog” and “Kissing in the Rain” under their belt, they have built a strong YouTube and social media presence with over 15,000 subscribers on YouTube today.

Their largest project to date has recently been fully funded on Kickstarter! Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party is an eleven episode series that will feature many great authors from throughout history. It will be a dinner party you won’t want to miss!

There’s comedy, intrigue, romance, and of course, murder.

What legendary authors has Edgar invited to his party? Will he manage to woo Annabel Lee away from Eddie the banker, a great guy? Will your favorite author survive the night? Check out the series on their Youtube channel.

For additional info on what’s cooking up in their Murder Mystery Dinners, like their page on Facebook , or follow them on Twitter.



a) Attack of the Clowns

Back in August, kids in an apartment complex in Greenville, South Carolina, reported seeing clowns in the woods, trying to lure them into the darkness. Since the events in Greenville, clown sightings have been reported in several states, and even in UK. Some people have actually been arrested for scaring people in costume, making clown-related threats, and in one case, chasing kids with a baseball bat while wearing a clown costume. Even Stephen King had to go on Twitter to tell us to all of us to just chill the fark out.

We discuss our all this and our haunting spiritual issues in this first news highlight.

b) Which presidential costume should you vote for?

Halloween is just days away and with the election campaigning in full swing, it’s tempting to lump the two together. Why not dress up as one of the presidential candidates — Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump — and have a bit of fun just days before the Nov. 8 election? Whatever you do, spare our eyes and don’t go nude like the naked Donald Trump statue.


The Tirade Crew are tired dodging all these October-fest monsters, ghosts and ghouls and wants to end this curse once and for all. But the spooky gothic icon has other damning plans for these unsuspecting tomboys. Listen to this hilarious Halloween-themed Q & A segment to find out.