Who knew the dark knight’s super dark saga would make for the perfect delivery system for some lightheaded & ridiculously delightful gags?

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Let’s take a trip on the BAT-SIDE. Yes. My history with the caped dark is a long and emotional one. I love Batman. I also love Bacon …but that is unrelated to this review. Bacon Sandwiches with Mayo for the win (now that I could work with). Mustard in them. Yes, mustard is great too.

Do you know what else is good? The Lego Batman Movie. But before we talk further on that… let me please let off some steam.

Approximately 1 year ago, tears came streaming down my face and I don’t mean that in a cool and moody ‘Coldplay’ kind-of-way.

Why did I weep? Some wounds run deep.

It was because I watched Batman V Superman in the theatre. HOLY DRIPPITY DRACULA DOGSHIT!

I wanted to rip my seat out and toss it at the screen approximately 54 minutes into the film. But I was calm. I was as still as the ocean and my mind was as turbulent as well… the ocean on a bad day. Sorry, Tom Hanks.

I kept looking at my ‘imaginary watch’ because the skin at the back of my hand offered me more entertainment at that point than whatever was happening on screen.

Superman? Super-bland. Batman? Ahh damn. Lex Luther? Wretched Loser.

The First and Greatest Titans of the Superhero genre were to trade blows (I know how that sounds) for the very first time in cinematic history and it was this dismal and limp an offering? This was nothing short of a celestial event for me and I was let down and pretty pissed off.



I-don’t-know-JACK… SNYDER had snidely turned Batman V Superman into a morose, dour and borderline depressing experience. Reminds of those times I’d have to spend time with some strange cousins pretending they were my friends. Only this felt like doing exactly that – in a dark room – full of mice – on skates – while listening to Celine Dion – in MONO!

Batman V Superman was so colourless and eye-gouging slow that I’m sure it could make even the damn Joker pack his deck of cards and head to Grandma Ellie’s home for Christmas in the middle of summer.

Why was this happening to Batman? Tom Hardy’s Bane Voice in The Dark Knight Rises sounded like someone flushed Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin down the toilet and throw wet soap at him. What was happening with Batman? Had we reached the Joel Schumacher part of the end of the cliff yet? Kaboom

And then in 2017… look Ma – I can see finally the light! We get *cue drumroll – The Lego Batman Movie! Fresh, springy and just so fucking great!

Do you realise how long it’s been since a legitimately fun Batman movie made it to the theatres?

For the uninitiated, I’m pretty sure you had zero to limited access to the freakishly good DC original animated movies which are direct to Blu-Ray/DVD releases. Yes, my FIENDS! I’ve seen them. I’ve seen them all! Now while those are brilliant, I saw the lot of them at home and not in a movie theatre (God bless you internet).

The Lego Batman movie is enthralling and just …pure …..FUNK!

How do I describe this feeling? The feeling of seeing your favourite superhero being given the sensational stage he deserves. Oh it’s glorious! It’s like that one time you found an elusive fiver hiding in your back-pocket that somehow survived the rage of the laundry and turned up on a mundane Monday in your hand by accident. Damn son!

You had no idea you had the fiver in your pants. What else you got in there sport?

Now …. That much mangled but still kosher fiver is in your hands.

You have the extra money and you automatically also start feeling like the richest person alive for approximately 12 seconds.

This is just like that and in saying that – I’m saying that going for the Lego Batman movie is pretty similar to that airy exhilarated feeling.

Alright, I may have over-explained that a little bit. I write dangerously – what can I say?

From the very first frame, you are gripped by all the juggles and jitters and you know it’s going to be NUTS! You almost forget that you’re watching a movie where the characters are actually made of Lego. It’s that frikkin’ immersive.

If there ever was an experience in 3D worthy of the movie theatre, The Lego Batman movie is it! Snap fizz and poppin’ smooth animation meets the handcrafted aesthetics of stop-motion animation (artificially simulated it may be). The Lego Batman movie also features some of the funniest self-aware buffooneries that long went missing from spoofs and Hollywood comedies.

It’s a heady, relentless ride! The movie is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it’s so so so much fun! I realise I’m saying that a lot.



Every moment of raucous, delightfully racy on-screen pandemonium packs just the right dose of mayhem and mania for both the fans and the casual viewer. You’re hooked.

Director Chris McKay clearly savours the material and makes sure he metaphorically winks at his audience in more ways than one throughout the film which runs at a tight 1 hour 44 minutes or so.

Will Arnett is brilliant as the voice of Batman as is – the eternal boy-child as Robin.

While the film isn’t trying to upsell you a lofty and loaded big-picture-emo story about what it means to be a hero (like all the damn DC Extended Universe films) what it does get right is the heart of the legend of the Batman and his borderline obsessive and neurotically narcissistic outrage against the criminal underworld – the same folks who you know… took away his parents from him.

The Lego Batman movie is the epitome of what you get when you understand the material you’re working with really well. The Batman’s been in Pop Culture since the 1930’s. Now if that isn’t a part of history… What is?

The Batman’s up against his oldest and greatest enemy in a comedy of terrors that put him in a unique position to bust out the gizmos all while learning the power of teamwork and family again.

The film grabs the dark knight’s lore by the horns and pays it homage in so many hilarious and colourful ways with one masterful gag after the next. The Lego Batman Movie is indeed one of the most earnest, hilarious and frankly honest takes on the Batman mythos that knows exactly what it is doing.

A complete friggin’ delight.

Way to go ‘animated-genre’! Showing the allegedly big boys how it’s done! The Lego model sure looks like it can build the way forward for Warner Brothers.

The Lego Batman Movie packs enough quirk and theatricality to make it to the hall of fame of all-time-animated-greats and I insist that you watch it in 3D in movie theaters ASAP!