This February in our Funny Women Diaries, Kate was struck in bed with a mystery flu-like illness during Valentine’s Day but was cheered up by Katherine Ryan and Luisa Omielan on television. Now she is back in action and recently saw the work-in-progress musical comedy Prom Kween at the VAULTS Festival.

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Hello? This thing on? Hi! It’s been a while, a couple of the Funny Women team were struck down with a mystery illness, it’s not quite flu but it’s more than a bad cold but it’s not Norovirus or anything dramatic like that. Needless to say I have been feeling rather sorry for myself but, fortunately, the cure for that is comedy and that’s what I do!

And really, what better time than the Valentine’s week (officially it’s a day, in truth it’s a week and it feels like a month) to take to your sickbed? None, especially when 2008 Funny Women Awards winner Katherine Ryan has a special on Netflix and Luisa Omielan’s What Would Beyonce Do? Is on BBC Three as a Valentine’s special. I have seen Luisa’s show live a couple of times and it does not get old, if you need cheering up try and see it. Both Katherine and Luisa are a tonic.

Last night I went to the VAULTS Festival, a very cool and rather underground comedy festival in London’s Waterloo. It’s all winding corridors opening into huge halls with graffiti and bars and achingly hip people drinking beer and discussing the state of the arts in London. I think. The music was pretty loud so I couldn’t really hear. But they all looked like they were having important conversations so let’s just assume. 


I was there to see work in progress musical comedy Prom Kween, about a young non-binary teen in America called Matthew who won the title of prom queen. If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, musicals and high school drama, you will love this show. It’s very funny, very self aware and bound to be a hit when it launches officially.

Sticking to the LGBTQ theme this week I will be going to a queer comedy night at the Marlborough theatre in Brighton, with headliner (and 2015 Funny Women finalist) Sophie Duker. I also have an exciting online event with Kerry Howard and Zoe Boyle of the Hilarious BBC 3 show Witless and Katherine Ryan coming up so…watch this space!

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