Now if you’re going tomboy and if you find a blazer in your tomboy closet, hold on to it for dear life because it’s a staple in any tomboy styled look. Mary Houlihan, founder of Tailored Tomboy tells you why…

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Blazers dress up any outfit and make you feel like a boss. They also make you feel put together and give the illusion of good posture. A healthy blazer collection should consist of black and navy solids, subtle windowpanes, plaids, and pinstripes.

I used to work exclusively with men as a stylist at Trunk Club. Every fall I would pull out my computer with a Pinterest board of inspiration so I could forecast client’s looks for the upcoming season. The blazer was and is my favorite article of clothing, HANDS DOWN!  Tomboys, I’m telling you, a blazer can transform any outfit. Let me give you a few examples.


A) From gym to drinks.

Don’t be the one at the restaurant dripping in sweat still in gym clothes. Throw on a clean t-shirt and a blazer and BAM! You look pulled together and ready for dinner.

B) From day to night in an unpredictable climate.

You need a look to take you from steaming in the sun to freezing in the shade. I have one word for you, BLAZER! Once you get chilly, that blazer is going to warm you up and dress you up

C) Outerwear in transitional seasons like fall and spring.

It’s not cold enough for your winter coat, you aren’t going on a hike so it’s not appropriate to wear a fleece, put on a blazer with a  beanie, scarf and gloves and use it as outerwear.  Warning: be prepared for mad compliments! You will be the best dressed.



A) Do not start with a cotton blazer.

Cotton will fade and deteriorate quickly.  You want a workhorse blazer that you can wear the hell out of, so start with a 100% wool blazer. The lining will almost always be polyester, that’s a okay. Just look for a 100% wool shell.

B) Do not start with a big patterned blazer, start with a solid black or navy.

Again, we want a blazer that you can throw on with ANYTHING. You will be limited if you buy a blazer with tons of colours and patterns.

C) Regarding fit: start with your shoulders.

Do you look like a linebacker? Then it’s probably too big. If you can’t move your arms, then it’s probably too small.  A tailored blazer will feel a little snug in your armpits but it should not restrict you from shaking someone’s hand.

D) Easy tailoring to a blazer that makes a big difference.

Once you find a blazer that fits you in the shoulders, get the sleeves shortened to hit you at the break of your wrist. Unless you are one of those lucky unicorns that blazers fit automatically off-the-rack!



      • J.Crew
      • Banana Republic
      • Theory
      • Thrift stores
      • Ralph Lauren
      • Zara

I would love to see photos of you sporting a blazer so send them to me at and I’ll feature you on my Instagram.

Until next time Tomboys! Because you can’t have an adventure in high heels!