OH MY GODZILA! Trust the Japanese to infuse love, painstaking detail and rocket fuel into the legendary Kaiju Godzilla franchise that our American friends have been buggering up time and time again. In true return to daddy fashion, the Shin Godzilla narrative is firm and dives deep into disaster management zone like few films ever have!

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There is something deeply cathartic about watching a giant monster stomp and roar its way through an urban jungle and wreck a king’s portion worth of horror and real estate damage that would even have Rolland Emmerich and Michael Bay go ‘Now that’s just gangsta’. Watching Shin Godzilla was the cinematic equivalent of watching hot chocolate being poured on a stiff looking lump of ice cream. There’s a part of you that just wants to watch that ice cream melt and become one with the chocolate and yet you don’t want it to turn into goop.

Apart from a few clunky practical effect scenes where Godzilla looked like a stuffed animal high on crack, I thought the movie was pretty solid. Use of practical effects may not make for the most refined visual experience but I’d be damned if the sum of all parts wasn’t so friggin’ entertaining and fun! No harm in the odd vintage charm of such FX work too..Shin Godzilla harkens back to the glory days of stop motion and miniatures and is a masterclass in disaster film-making.

Shin Godzilla scares people

Storywise… By distilling the focus of the mayhem on the intrepid nature of inter-continental, geopolitical and domestic political deadlocks and intrigue, where everyone trips over the proverbial red tape, an atmosphere of doom and unexpected hilarity ensues. This government is so slow moving and rooted in tradition, that it takes a feisty young man to take the reigns in his hand and assemble a crack team of the best brains in Japan to address the threat the giant monster presents. What follows is a gripping tale of turmoil and trepidation.

There are parts where the movie felt a bit too text heavy – what with the dialogues in subs and the many government departments and designations that were supered as well on screen. If you can get past that, you’ll find yourself thoroughly smitten with this evenly paced and smart film!

Watch it at all costs to get your modern monster movie fix!