Rev up, world! Indiana Jones is swinging back to our screens but he has handed over the ropes (for now) to his heir-in-waiting Jaime Dempsey and she has traded his iconic bullwhip for a trusty bike to zap around in. Our intrepid explorer has to navigate hundreds of kilometres across the Philippines, in search of a mysterious cloak for the latest season of Ride N’ Seek. Will she prove herself worthy of her famed namesake in her latest expedition?

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History Asia Ride N Seek S4 Jaime Dempsey makes machete


The fourth season of the biking travelogue follows the bubbly host Jaime Dempsey in her own version of The Motorcycle diaries as she continues to explore around the Philippines. Already our heroine has fallen off her bike, braved a blood-letting massage, ate the world’s deadliest fish and saved Orangutans in her past travels across Malaysia, Borneo and the Philippines. Tracking down the remote Manobo tribe and got a tribal tattoo by the legendary Whang-Od? Yes, the modern day Indiana Jones has that crossed off her bucket list.

So when History Asia  revealed that her next expedition was to look for a mere cloak, our initial reception was like, really. It seems like a letdown after all the excitement tracking down the last <mambabatok

Fret not, Ride N’ Seek fans. This is no normal cloak. In fact, you need to prove that you are worthy to wear this warrior cloak. Over the next few episodes, Jamie Dempsey will once again pave the way and venture into places few people have ever been. But will that be enough? Can she create her machete from scratch and honor the Manobo traditions? What stories of her past and present lives will be weaved into this mysterious cloak?

To learn more, we get in touch with Ride N’ Seek host Jaime Dempsey to find out about latest season and her riding adventures.

Catch Ride ‘N Seek Season 4: Quest For The Priestess’ Cloak on HISTORY Asia (StarHub TV Ch. 401), Mondays at 9.30pm.

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TT: Hi Jaime, a very big hi from all of us at Tomboy Tarts. What is it like to return to the Philippines again for another season of Ride N’ Seek?

I was really excited to return to the Philippines. It was one of my favourite destinations. People seem to respond well to the show there so meeting people off camera is really fun because I get to see first hand the excitement for the show. And it makes doing the show more fun knowing that it’s working. I just want to see more of the Philippines. There are so many islands, 7000 or something so it was definitely in need of another season.

TT: What was your biggest adventure from this season?

This season, it was a bit different because it kind of fed off last season when we had a final destination, a final kind of act, if you will, for the show. In the last episode from last season, I got tattooed by Whang-Od. So this season, we came up with another quest. We find this Manobo tribe, where the priestess of the tribe do this dream weaving kind of thing, where they talk about your life with you, and learn a little bit about you .  Then they dream about you and use spirit guides to weave a coat. So that’s a really great quest to go on and it was exciting.

TT: So how long were you on the road before you find the priestesses?

The priestesses is the final act in the last episode of shooting. We shot 36 days in a row so it’s maybe day 32 when we finally reached them. I was very worn down at that time from being on the road for so long. While sitting and talking with them, I was just poring everything out, like a therapy session.

TT: Where is your favourite stretch of road to ride  from this season?

This season was a lot different in terms of riding because we were hoping from island to island. There weren’t any long stretches of roads or long traveling distances. What I did enjoy a lot about this season was that any road I did travel on is a coastal road. In the past, I have done more of a lush kind of mountainous scenery. This time I was getting the breeze of the ocean and I kept looking at the side and seeing the waves. So that was different and I really love riding along the coast.

TT: Among all the bikes that you have ridden from previous seasons, which is your favourite bike from Ride N’ Seek? And why?

I have ridden so many different ones and they have all been great for different reasons. For this past season, KYMCO has given a whole range of bikes to ride. They have the KYMCO Xciting 400i which was so luxurious. For me, it was no brainer riding it though because it is all automatic and you can kinda go faster so it’s cool. In the past season, I rode an EUROBIKE and that was cool too because it has three wheels and I can ride on pretty much on any terrain and not worry about falling over, like I did in season 2. But one of my favourite bikes to ride was the very first season in Malaysia where I rode a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight and that was amazing. It is so classic looking and it is small and easy to maneuver and that’s one of my favourites. The other Harley was a Dyna and that’s just like really cool because it was so comfortable on long stretches on the roads . So I don’t know if I have answered your question, I kind of told you about all the bikes instead I. But there’s a favourite from each season.

TT: So did you get a new tattoo this season?

No, there was no new tattoo this season. I actually am thinking about it. I met a tattoo artist in Manila last season and I am traveling to Manila to spread the word about the show. And I have been considering to visit her, she is a girl, and getting something. I haven’t quite figure out what to get though. (laughs)

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TT: We heard that you have recently flown down to Singapore after a riding vacation. We are so envious! How’s it like riding in Wales?

First of all, the weather was cool, even cooler than, I am not just comparing to Asia, but with California where I was coming from. It’s August in California and it’s quite hot as well. It is not humid like it is here but it is still really hot. So when I get to Wales, I was surprised how cool it was. I still need, luckily I brought it, my leather jacket and more layers, so that was different. And the scenery is exactly when you think about what the English countryside would look like. It is  made up of rolling green hills, dotted with sheep everywhere. And I was a little worried about the sheep because I heard stories from the locals. That’s a great thing about riding everywhere, even in Asia. Every time when we would stop and pull over to film something or take a break, we would find other riders on the road and we started talking and comparing. So it was the same thing in Wales. We pulled off at the side of the road and these Welsh bikers came up and started talking to a bunch of us girls. They were like you are all girls on bikes and we were like yeah. So it is rather great to hear people being supportive of that. They was telling us about the sheep being stupid and jumping onto the road. So yeah that was really beautiful.

TT: What’s the difference between riding in Wales and in Philippines ?

The weather was cooler, the scenery a lot different and the wildlife is special. There are sheep everywhere in Wales but here you have snakes, lizards and even the birds are different. When you stop in Wales, you go to a cute little pub. Here, when you stop, you go to the shacks. They are very unassuming but it has the most delicious food.

TT: Any advice for women who want to ride in Philippines like you?

I would say, not be attracted to the urban areas. Stay away from the city. The traffic is insane but once you get out to the country, the roads are beautiful. Get in touch with the biking community. You can go to a local biking community or other social media and ask other riders what are the best roads . Or you can just watch Ride N’ Seek. Go on the same roads as I did. I actually ran into an American couple at the airport and the girl was like I have seen your show. I asked them where they live and they said South Korea. In fact they were in Philippines because they watched Ride N’ Seek and it looked so cool to explore. And that just made me feel so good. People were watching it and they want to go to the same places as I did and doing the same biking trip.

TT: We are already looking forward to the next season of Ride N’ Seek. Where do you hope to travel next?

They were so many places I want to go to. A lot of people from Indonesia are encouraging me to go there. And I never thought about that before. I have been to Bali but I haven’t been to anywhere else so that will be really nice to explore. Japan will be cool and the temperature will be cool too! (laughs) Or jump over to Australia and that will be something really different.

TT: Where is your dream destination to ride a bike?

The places I just were mentioned were on my bucket list. The one that is out there is New Zealand and I heard so many good things about riding trips there. There are a lot of wide open roads and the scenery is amazing. Lord of the Ring is filmed there so the journey will be epic. For riding, that will be perfect.

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