Hey tomboy tarts tribers! Check out Series #3 of tomboy style personalities and their unique fresh looks which we found from Instagram and beyond this week. Check them out below and remember, wearing is caring. Enjoy!

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The regular ‘girly girl ‘women’s magazines are lacking the exposure we tomboys so deserve. I mean, we’re not quite all-pink, neither are we all-blue, so what does that make us? Well, we’re simply the yellows, blacks, oranges and everything else in between. Our gender fluidity allows us to have amazing, insightful perspectives about life as well as our personal fashion styles, so what better way to appreciate that than to honour the women who are inventing their own timeless inspiring classic tomboy looks. We’ve pledged to scour the realms of Instagram and beyond to bring you some of our personal favourite classic tomboy styles of the week, every week. From tomboy chic and flannel shirts, to motorbike rebel and street edge, our weekly inspirations are easy put-togethers that any decent tomboy can find in her wardrobe.

With that schpeel done and dusted, let’s check out our picks for the week for Series #3 below!


Felicia’s style is super tomboy hip hop chic. She has met God and found out that she’s black (alright!). There’s a lot of cool 90s soul to her inspiring tomboy style, and those curls feel like we just experienced the ‘Rebirth of Slick’. Check out all her other amazing styles on her Instagram account here.

Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week #3


With 1,341 followers, Maria Sumarokova is actually a talented photographer from Russia but she doesn’t mind getting her diggity on in front of the camera. She has got some goth new wave tomboy style going on here and we’re suckers for that look so check her Instagram account for more of such inspiring styles. You can also find out more about her over at http://vk.com/id24205040 and see if she’s up for a vodka or two.

Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week #3


From Japan, she rocks a sweatshirt with skinnies and white tennis shoes with a casual sporty tomboy chic that is an easy wear for cherry-blossom springtime urban adventures. This is a great daily do-able anyone of us could put together from our wardrobes any day of the week.

Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week #3


Al Walter calls herself a California creator and we can see why. Her easy, surfing West Coast tomboy style is inspiring to us. If you want to get her look, head down to her online store here where you can easily shop for some of the styles you see on her Instagram account. We love it and we’re going to spend some money at her shop here in a bit. Thanks for sharing Al! 🙂

Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week #3


Pizzaisthetrick is a clothing and visual enthusiast who enjoys romantic encounters of the “fourth kind”. We don’t know about that but we do know that she’s back on our weekly tomboy style feature because she recently rocked a very all-American 50s inspired tomboy chic look. With regards to that orange juice she’s holding, well, you’ll have to ask her if she’ll share it with you because it doesn’t come with her outfit. LOL! Check the rest of her pictures here.

Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week #3


lootlove2 is Luthando Shosha and her urban tomboy chic is put together with her amazing crop haircut, ripped boyfriend jeans and blood red shoes. All we can say is that it’s a definite win for us. Check her other amazing tomboy styles on her Instagram account and you can also follow her on Tumblr.

Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week #3
So what did you think about the tomboy styles we featured this week? Are you inspired to take on their styles or do you have your own style in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

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