Fall and winter in the Northern Hemisphere is here and before you freeze your butt off, we’ve got your Inspiring Tomboy Styles of the Week to get you all nice, snug and warm for the bitter cold outside.

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Whaddup tomboy tribers! It’s edition #29 of our weekly Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week and stalked Instagram and beyond to bring you some nice and warm outfit of the day ideas for all you stylish tomboy minxes! Meow!

In case you didn’t know what this series is all about – well, we started it to celebrate and appreciate the women who are inventing their own timeless inspiring classic tomboy style looks. So check out the cool tomboy styles of this week’s amazing personalities down below and hashtag us at #tomboytarts on Instagram with full-length pictures of yourselves if you want to be *featured.

So get your coats and hats and let’s check out the style inspirations for the week!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week #29 Tomboy Tarts

This bold fall look captured by Nabile Quennim is dapper chic indeed! The sensible brown tailored outfit is nicely paired off with tanned lether calf-length boots that spells major attitude. Sported by Japanese model Hatakeyami Chiaka with her bold bald-headed look, take this look around town or even to high-profile events. You’re bound to turn quite a few heads in this look. Don’t thank us!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week #29 Tomboy Tarts

O mama! The world is full of pink and dapper this edition. Here’s another number one feels like smoking a cigar to and rightly so. The clever speakeasy influence of the checkered pink blazer with lavender gloves and matching grey checked jacket and matching hair makes this a perfect work or event outfit. Pair if off with a great looking suitcase or clutch bag for added effect. A great look by vintage shopper and lover, Miss Candi Kane.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week #29 Tomboy Tarts

Model binxwalton has a very easy, casual fall tomboy styled look in this number. The hi-top white sneaks goes well with a pair of ripper boyfriend jeans and jacket. Another simple look to put together for this burrrrrrrrr-ito weather.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week #29 Tomboy Tarts

Adrienne Villanueva or @aydreeyen as she is known on Instagram rocks this oversized look with knee length waterproof parka, hoodie, culottes and boots. It’s very Issey Miyake but hey, it works! This is a great urban weekend look and if you’re heading to the clubs in this, you can sneak another 2 people under that coat. Kidding!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week #29 Tomboy Tarts

Danielle Cooper is a tomboy star in the world of tomboy fashion so shesagent needs no introduction. Danielle is swagging it in this easy to put together look of red hi-top leather boots, skinnies, white tee and knee length jacket. It’s a cool look to bring you anywhere in the city.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week #29 Tomboy Tarts

kieraplease describes herself as a human thing. A human thing with crazy but cool tomboy style sensibilities nonetheless. In this punk-influenced look, she pairs off a turtleneck with graffiti inspired leather jacket and boyfriend jeans. The blue hair helps add to the madness as well. Try this look out for a VIP pass into Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole. We’re in! Anyone else in for a journey fantastical with this look?

So what did you think about the tomboy styles we featured this week? Are you ready to take on their hard rock styles or do you have your own style in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

Also if this is your first time here, check out the tomboy styles from the previous weeks here.

If you feel your tomboy style is unique and you have a great story behind it, let us know. Just use the hashtag #tomboytarts on Instagram and we’ll feature you *here!

*We try to give everyone an opportunity so if you’ve already been featured, give us a few weeks to get you back in yeah? Thanks lovelies! 🙂