Hey tomboys! It’s edition #23 of our Inspiring Tomboy Stye Looks of the Week where we turn up the heat on awesome tomboy outfits of the day. Check them out below and don’t forget, wearing is caring y’all.

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Hey boos! It’s edition #23 of our weekly Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week and let’s cut to the chase and bring this on.

In case you didn’t know what this series is all about – well, we started it to celebrate and appreciate the women who are inventing their own timeless inspiring classic tomboy style looks. So check out the cool tomboy styles of this week’s amazing personalities down below and hashtag us at #tomboytarts on Instagram with full-length pictures of yourselves if you want to be *featured.

So put on your baseball caps and let’s check out all the amazing style personalities on this week’s edition, shall we?


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #23 Tomboy Tarts

We took a peek into personal fashion stylist, Adenike Bankole-Watson’s closet and boy, what a range of looks this girl is going for. Her crisp and sharp Janelle Monae-inspired styles are a pleasure to see on her Instagram account. She was previously featured on Edition #10 but here she is again with super cool tomboy chic’ness with ripped jeans, jacket and tank with pink bag and black leather sneaks. Perfect for a weekend out or at the club.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #23 Tomboy Tarts

Next on this tomboy-styled street is @This_Is_Klenska where you get a peek into the luscious love life of Kate and Lenska from Poland. It’s a great mix of their daily lives as an LGBT couple but the pair also take time to snap some photos of their personal styles. Here we see a cool androgynous dapper bowtie look you could take to work, meeting or a formal event. A keeper in our style books ladies!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #23 Tomboy Tarts

Asia is full of urban styled tomboys that it’s now normal for Asian women who are straddling the male-female personal style to have at their core, a baseball-hoodie look as Cheongsol_9X is doing here for S.Korean brand @Joyrichkorea.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #23 Tomboy Tarts

Jason Momoa may be stepping into Brandon Lee’s shoes in the remake of ‘The Crow’ film but we like to think that @AlexanderBortz could be a close second in the running with this all-black badass punk-rock-goth tomboy look. Take a pair of black jeans, rip ’em and smudge black eyeliner, don Converse hi-tops and a leather jacket and you’re there all you Eric Draven wanna-bes.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #23 Tomboy Tarts

Get on the pitch and do the football jersey look with @Milanastano Pair it off with a jumpsuit or a tank top as seen here and score a few goals on the tomboy-style field. A great outfit of the day if you want to hang with friends on the weekends or the mall.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #23 Tomboy Tarts

When JazzMyNejay goes tomboy, she does it in a very cool 90s fashion. We think of TLC, Salt n Pepa and Missy Elliot when they rocked urban hip-hop styles that we loved wear. Here we see a black and white theme that’s perfect for the sunnier, yet cooler days of fall. Hoodie and baseball cap complements that black and white hi-tops. We’re ready for some street action with this outfit of the day yo!

So what did you think about the tomboy styles we featured this week? Are you ready to take on their hard rock styles or do you have your own style in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

Also if this is your first time here, check out the tomboy styles from the previous weeks here.

If you feel your tomboy style is unique and you have a great story behind it, let us know. Just use the hashtag #tomboytarts on Instagram and we’ll feature you *here!

*We try to give everyone an opportunity so if you’ve already been featured, give us a few weeks to get you back in yeah? Thanks lovelies! 🙂