Massive love tomboys for sticking with us on Edition #25 of our weekly Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week. This week, we get our hands dirty scouting the streets for some awesome tomboy styled outfits of the day. Ready? Well, let’s go troopers!

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What’s up tomboys? Did you have a great week being the fantastic tomboys that you are? Well, if so, then wind down your week with edition #25 of our weekly Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week where we’ve stalked some of the best of the best in tomboy style and tomboy fashion.

In case you didn’t know what this series is all about – well, we started it to celebrate and appreciate the women who are inventing their own timeless inspiring classic tomboy style looks. So check out the cool tomboy styles of this week’s amazing personalities down below and hashtag us at #tomboytarts on Instagram with full-length pictures of yourselves if you want to be *featured.

Alright then, let’s take to the streets to see what we’ve got for you this time, shall we?


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #25 Tomboy Tarts

Who digs Seoul-based photographer Alex Finch, eh?. His works can be seen in VOGUE and he has an amazing eye for catching what’s going down in tomboy style and more from the streets of this S.Korean city. In this edition, we see him capturing ultra-cool Public Enemy attitude with supper baggy street style tomboy style with navy blue hoody, tee and loose black pants. Best for those in the Northern Hemispheres who are facing cooler temperatures.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #25 Tomboy Tarts

Luesa describes herself as a Yoga teaching, energy working badass on her Instagram account and rightly so. Just look at those worked out arms. *Jealous* Here, tomboy style comes alive with Luesa’s outfit of the day where she has gone all rock n roll black with tees, pants, leather wristbands, rings and wide, flat brimmed hat. Luesa, if you’re heading for a concert in that outfit, can we get a spare ticket please?


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #25 Tomboy Tarts

New York and LA photographer, Mark I, captures some amazing styles on his Instagram account. He’s one of the best Instagram accounts we are following at the moment. Here he captures some mad futuristic sweat-pant tomboy styled outfit that looks like it came from the Starship Enterprise’s gym. This red-hot number paired off with badass sky-high ankle leather boots can be thrown together for a rave or a weekend at the club.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #25 Tomboy Tarts

Elisabeth Teixeira describes herself as a full full-time mommy working @colette fashion designer on her Instagram account. O yeah. There’s some serious avant-garde stylin’ from this Paris-based stylist but on her off days, Elisabeth can be seen donning tomboy chic styles that are relaxed and pretty chill. You can’t go far wrong in those sexy white shirts and boyfriend jeans. Who da mommy now yo?


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #25 Tomboy Tarts

Welcome to the world of Melodie Jeng – a New York City-based photographer available for assignments worldwide. She most recently photographed the NYFWM Fall 16 Campaign and here she has photographed a model working the weekend Annie Hall look with simple plain tee, brown tailored palazzos and white Converse shoes. It’s definitely a tomboy throwback look that we think would go well with your weekend binge-watching of HBO’s Vinyl.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #25 Tomboy Tarts

You’re not a tomboy if you do not know about tomboy-clothing supremos Wildfang. These guys have hit the mark every time with various styles of tomboy fashion and here, we give you a low-down sexy piece you can flash your assets with on red carpets, premieres of flashy rooftop parties. It doesn’t just scream tomboy chic but also says you’re one confident chick with amazing fashion taste. Blood pressures are sure to hit a high with this piece.

So what did you think about the tomboy styles we featured this week? Are you ready to take on their hard rock styles or do you have your own style in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

Also if this is your first time here, check out the tomboy styles from the previous weeks here.

If you feel your tomboy style is unique and you have a great story behind it, let us know. Just use the hashtag #tomboytarts on Instagram and we’ll feature you *here!

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