It’s edition #22 of our Inspiring Tomboy Stye Looks of the Week where we feature more cool tomboy fashion styles that’s raising our heart rates. Check them out below and don’t forget, wearing is caring y’all.

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We just started the week and like a quantum time machine, we find ourselves past another week. Just where does the time go guys?

Anywhoo, it’s edition #22 of our weekly Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of the Week and on this edition we’ve got more tomboy styles for you to show off to your friends, family, school and workmates.

In case you didn’t know what this series is all about – well, we started it to celebrate and appreciate the women who are inventing their own timeless inspiring classic tomboy style looks. So check out the cool tomboy styles of this week’s amazing personalities down below and hashtag us at #tomboytarts on Instagram with full-length pictures of yourselves if you want to be *featured.

So put on your baseball caps and let’s check out all the amazing style personalities on this week’s edition, shall we?


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #22 Tomboy Tarts

Erika Infantocci is a Milan stylist whose tomboy-style outfit of the day above was part of Nike’s Sock Dar Generation photoshoot. She pairs off the flared boyfriend jeans with a striped jersey, sling bag, sneaks and waist chains. It’s prep meets 90s Kriss Kross hip-hop gangsta which is why we selected this as a cool pick for our edition this week.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #22 Tomboy Tarts

Mstr_Of_Disguise is annmariehoang, a wardrobe stylist who has created her own brand of style that can paint anyone’s town red, orange and maybe blue. Ann-Marie Hoang creates looks that simply – o what’s the word now – pop! Here she is back again up to no good, in a good way of course. The turqoise jumpsuit is paired off with accessories, leather jacket, funky shades and handbag. She rocks it all with attitude and spunk. Nice one Ann Marie!


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #22 Tomboy Tarts

Model Frederikke Sofie poses with this really cool tomboy chic ensemble that makes a great outfit of the day for those rainy fall days. Pair it off with heeled sandals and a printed knee-length coat for added tomboy-styled effect. The umbrella would come handy too in this wet weather.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #22 Tomboy Tarts

le.minor is a videographer, editor and creative director. You can check out her YouTube channel here. In this tomboy-styled outfit of the day this youthful tomboy brings it up a notch on casual with loose boyfriend shirt, sneaks and shorts. It’s a great look if you’re petite and are meeting up with friends who will be buying you coffee on the weekend.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #22 Tomboy Tarts

We are loving the funky tomboy stylings of musician, Alycia Bella. This army-influenced tomboy look is great for concerts or even your local neighbourhood club dance party. A mid-riff tee-shirt goes well with the boyfriend pants with the army green jacket and sneakers. Want to experience Alycia’s music? Then head down to her Soundcloud profile and give her some love.


Inspiring Tomboy Style Looks of The Week #22 Tomboy Tarts

S.Korean model, @wanyvelyy poses in a tomboy chic style that’s easy to put together for any occasion, night or day. Heeled flats, skinny jeans, baggy top. Can’t go very wrong there tomboys so don’t ditch those skinnies just yet. We’re going to continue seeing a lot more of it.

So what did you think about the tomboy styles we featured this week? Are you ready to take on their hard rock styles or do you have your own style in mind? Tell us in the comments below.

Also if this is your first time here, check out the tomboy styles from the previous weeks here.

If you feel your tomboy style is unique and you have a great story behind it, let us know. Just use the hashtag #tomboytarts on Instagram and we’ll feature you *here!

*We try to give everyone an opportunity so if you’ve already been featured, give us a few weeks to get you back in yeah? Thanks lovelies! 🙂