If you’re one of those tomboy women who, like us, don’t fall into the usual cliche of wanting sappy poetry and red roses on the world’s most romantic day, then here’s 5 anti-Valentine’s Day things you can do for your beloved (or for yourself) to boost your already power-packed love life.

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O god! That dreaded day is back again. You know the one. It has a cherubic angel called Cupid in it, tacky boxes of chocolate, Bridget Jones Diary and a whole load of flowers in it.

Uh-huh, we could only be talking about Valentine’s Day. That one day that singles are made to feel like shit and couples spend days and nights stressing about what to do for their partner that isn’t run-of-the-mill boring and cliched.

So the team here have decided to think up of 5 of the most anti-Valentine’s Day activities couples or singles could do to raise the voltage levels of their love life before it ends up in the electrical chair of death.

These are activities that will not only boost your relationship with Self or Other but also create some awesome memories with your significant other. So cancel your candle light dinner reservations and chuck those awful-tasting chocolates in the bin with these 5 anti-Valentine’s Day suggestions.


5 Anti-Valentine's Day Things To Do For A Power-Packed Love Life-1-Tomboy-Tarts

That’s right! #1 on our anti-Valentine’s Day to-do list is to get the hell out!

In fact, being in nature is one of the best ways to not only recalibrate your energies but also the energies of your relationship. Nothing says “I love you” more than taking your partner out for a wonderful time outdoors. You can decide whether you’d like to do it nearby or somewhere exotic like Nepal, for the truly adventurous out there.

Contemplate on life or have amazing sunrise conversations, trust us, your love life (and you) will be sparkling and glowing once it’s all over. The fresh air coupled with the serenity of nature is one of the best ways to power up your relationship.


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Well, if you must sweeten the pot this Valentine’s Day, then #2 on our anti-Valentine’s Day to-do list is shop some serious candy! Forget the cheap 2-dollar chocolates, you just need to step into anyone of these 10 most beautiful candy shops around the world to see how sweet love actually is.

Without risking cavities to your teeth, strolling through any one of these eye-candy spaces is nothing but sugary bliss.


5 Anti-Valentine's Day Things To Do For A Power-Packed Love Life-3-Tomboy-Tarts

Road trips are always fun with a lover or yourself and that’s why this is #3 on our anti-Valentine’s Day list. It’s a great way to feel like you’re getting away from it all and it’s one of the most romantic anti-Valentine’s Day things you could do.

Crank up the engines and the stereo and you’re ready to discover unknown places and the best way to do it is to not plan it. Wake up Valentine’s Day and just hit the road. The spontaneity of the act itself will bring some much needed sizzle and swizzle into your love life as the excitement between your partner and you builds up along the journey. What’s more, you can stop by some bushes and get it going on if the mood hits!


5 Anti-Valentine's Day Things To Do For A Power-Packed Love Life-3-Tomboy-Tarts

#4 on our anti-Valentine’s Day to-do list is to do community work. You might say, “Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be for my lover to worship me?” Yeeeees, that’s true but wouldn’t you like to do those worshipping acts with others who are less privileged than you?

Whether it’s helping out at an animal shelter, orphanage or senior citizen’s clubs, reaching out to the community is an amazing way to share your love with everyone else. Giving others a taste of your joy and bliss is an amazing way to spend the day and hopefully, eventually get you to contribute on a more permanent basis.


5 Anti-Valentine's Day Things To Do For A Power-Packed Love Life-3-Tomboy-Tarts

On the Outwardbound.org site, there is a nifty little quote that says “Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some fresh air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.”

To that, we definitely say ‘Yes!’ which is why it’s #5 on our list of anti-Valentine’s Day stuff to do. Why? Because you not only get to break a few bones (kidding!) you also get to bond with your partner (or yourself) in a very playful and child-like way. Outward bound activities are great reminders of our childhood and if your bones aren’t creaking, a fantastic way to re-live them.

From trekking, kayaking, rock climbing or just doing flying foxes and paint balling, outward bound activities are not only fun, they are memorable too. And who wouldn’t want that on Valentine’s Day eh?

So that’s our anti-Valentine’s Day list! Try them out this year, either on yourself or your partner and see what comes out of those experiences. Like, what’s the worst that could happen eh, besides receiving another bunch of heart-shaped helium balloons? [Hack!]

Happy Valentines Day people and may the force be with you!