Answer the call or bolster the fall. Ghostbusters had everything going against it right from the word go. When the ice breaks, the vox populi shall be waiting with pitch forks. Hailed as being the most hated trailer on the Internet, this movie was in for some major online mudslinging. Right at the outset when its all female cast was announced by the studio, people started saying nasty things about how this movie would turn out.

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So does Ghostbusters hold up despite all these feverish odds stacking up against it? The answer is both yes and no and I’ve had trouble making up my mind about this movie.

Girl power couldn’t be articulated better than with the right arsenal to bag some spooks. Spooks in blue. Spooks in green. Assemble the team. It worked in the 80’s and it could work again. Right? Now there’s an answer to that question that’s as questionable as the question itself.



I didn’t out rightly hate the new Ghostbusters. What I do hate though is the concept of vegetarian burgers. This is different. I’d be lying though if I said that this movie didn’t leave me a little bit worn out. It’s a rehash of popular tropes that have been done better by others. I’d have sold a kidney to have Edgar Wright pen the screenplay for a Ghostbusters movie. That we know, would’ve been a stroke of genius!

What we do land up with is underwhelming in terms of pace and brings very little freshness to the table. Yet, the movie is surprisingly goofy and silly enough in parts.

The premise if simple. 4 unlikely ladies partner up to hunt ghosts and faceoff against an idiot who somehow finds a way to open portals and unleash the paranormal. Throw a ditzy and glitchy Chris Hemsworth into the mix and you have our movie. I was pleasantly surprised at Hemsworth’s comedic range and thought that he walked away with some of the best moments in the movie as the downright dumb receptionist to the Ghostbusters.



The reboot doesn’t hold a candle to the original. It’s true. But what is also true is that it is by no means unwatchable. If you haven’t seen the original, you may walk out of this movie feeling mildly tickled by some of the zaniness on screen. On another note, Leslie Jones has been at the front end of a massive twitter uproar about her gender and race. Lay off the lady. She’s got a Queen Latifah vibe about her and her character is someone you actually end up caring about  as the story progresses.

Melissa McCarthy is like an unfunny female version of Adam Sandler (and he hasn’t been funny for a while now). Kristen Wig has an earnestness about her even when she tries to play it straight. It’s Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon then who largely supply the laughs as they seem to have walked on to the screen straight off a Looney Tunes animated short. This might strike some as more delirious than hilarious but if you keep an open mind, you might just be surprised.

Who’s answering the call if this movie spawns off a couple of mediocre sequels?

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