This January in our Funny Women Diaries, Kate became a television extra for the first time and she is pretty sure this is the year we keep all our resolutions. Funny Women returns with brand new shows this year, so stay tuned!

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Okay, it could be that I am just getting plain old but 2017 seems to be slipping through my fingers already. We’re way past any Happy New Year greetings and any questions about how Christmas was is going to get some strange looks. We aren’t talking celebrations anymore! We’re busy detoxing – or explaining why there’s no need to detox because our liver and kidneys do that for us. Or we’re busy mustering up the willpower to keep up the momentum on our gym membership. 2017 is rushing by but we’re still pretty sure this is the year we keep all our resolutions. This is the new us.

Speaking of the new for the first time ever I was an extra (or ‘supporting artist’ if you please) on a comedy sketch for TV. Comedian and writer Colin Hoult was looking for couples to be in the background of a Valentine’s special sketch with his character Anna Mann. My husband, who is a stand up comedian (that you have never heard of), decided it would be good experience and I came along for the attention.

Of course we were immediately deemed an implausible couple and were cast as part of two separate couples instead. I spent the day pretending to finish a romantic meal for two with a complete stranger, drinking straight Ribena from a wine glass. All in the name of comedy.

But enough about me, what’s Funny Women up to this year. Well we need to get our sea legs for a residency on the RS Hispaniola on the Thames, kicking off with our What a Year! show on the 19th January, then we’ll be celebrating Australia with Funny Sheilas on the 26th January with many more events planned. If you’re in London then come and join us!

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