This December in our Funny Women Diaries, Kate reflects on why she is not a fan of office Christmas parties, a busy year at Funny Women and taking part in the BBC’s 100 women Wikipedia editathon.

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Christmas is coming! We will be celebrating this at Funny Women after our busiest year yet, by going for a training day in CMS, rounded off with drinks and there is talk of going to see DICK: The Adult Panto… OH NO we aren’t! I’d like to say, but it’s rude to go against the office organised Christmas fun, even if you suspect it involves wearing penis deeley boppers. I don’t want you thinking I am the office Grinch, I just have terrible memories of attending mandatory regional Panto as a child with all the families from my Dad’s office. It always seemed to fall on a Sunday at the end of the Christmas holidays (why?) when I hadn’t done any of my holiday homework. Hardly festive. I should confess I have also attended an ‘adult’ pantomime before too, as part of an office Christmas party and us staff were encouraged to dress up as animals (why?) I have no idea. The women dressed up as sexy cats and rabbits. I dressed up as George Orwell in the hope that my colleagues would all be Animal Farm fans. They weren’t.

As you might imagine, we have fun all year round in the Funny Women office. We get to attend live comedy gigs, meet very talented and funny women and get involved with interesting projects. 2016 has had its rubbish moments, but for Funny Women it’s been a year well worth celebrating. We took out annual Awards to KOKO in Camden, which isn’t the only way we switched up the Awards, this year adding mentors to the mix, meaning this year’s finalists got to mine the comedy experience of Ellie Taylor, Sara Pascoe, Jan Ravens, Tiff Stevenson, Shazia Mirza and Zoe Lyons!

But we can’t break for Christmas just yet. Last week we were invited to attend the BBC’s 100 Women Wikipedia editathon at Broadcasting House. There is a dearth of women on Wikipedia – which is a shame as well as baffling as there are many women who deserve a Wiki page. In fact, just 17% of notable profiles on Wikipedia are of women and 15% of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors are women. We met with a Wikipedian who showed us just how easy it is to set up a Wiki account and start editing entries and adding your own. We were encouraged to help augment the profiles of women who had made this year’s BBC 100 Women list, we also checked out the Funny Women Wikipedia entry and we think all our Funny Women Awards finalists who are listed on the page deserve a Wiki entry. So do go check it out and have a go at editing yourself. I am delighted to say as a result of the editathon a record number of women were added to Wikipedia!


I’ll end by wishing you all a peaceful end to 2016 – whether or not you celebrate Christmas and I hope next year is successful, exciting, feminist and full of comedy for you all. I think we’d all agree that 2016 has set the bar low for 2017, all it has to do is KEEP THE BELOVED FAMOUS PEOPLE ALIVE.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!