This August in our Funny Women Diaries, Kate pays tribute to two fantastic comedians and heads to Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  It is full steam ahead for the Funny Women with shows to review, a regional final and a weekend academy for comedy at the Fringe Central.

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We are down to the regional finals now at Funny Women – so far we have three comedians from Dublin, Manchester and London heading to the Funny Women Awards finals at Koko, Camden on 28th September, as well as some exciting wildcards. We still have another regional final to go in Edinburgh before we have all our finalists, it’s the Pokemon Go of comedy; gotta catch ’em all! Check out our website later this month to find out who will make it through!

We have recently had some sad reminders of why what we do is so important. While we were beginning our annual search for new female comedy talent two fantastic comedians died. Victoria Wood and Caroline Aherne both died from cancer, they had kept their illnesses private from the general public and so it was a shock to many fans when the news of their deaths came in April and July respectively. Both comedians were well respected as writers and performers. They were also great champions of the north of England – creating many characters that showed us there was more to northern character than a few stereotypes. Victoria Wood’s brother is currently campaigning for a statue of the comedian to be erected in Bury and we would love to see both comedians honoured.


August is finally here and we are all heading up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Our schedules are packed with tonnes of great shows to see. But this isn’t a holiday! Not only will we be reviewing lots of shows and holding a regional final we will be hosting a weekend academy at Fringe Central. If you’re going to be about you can join us to learn about sitcom, stand up, sketch, reality TV and satire on the 13th and 14th August. We’re looking forward to a month of seeing so much comedy in such a huge range of venues, pubs, clubs, cafes, a school and even a set of caves… we’ll report back next month!

Are you an aspiring comedy writer or filmmaker? Here’s your final chance to take part in the Funny Women Awards 2016! Click here for more details.