This January in our Funny Women Diaries, Kate is hopeful that the world actually sees the talent we have out there in 2018 after an eventful Golden Globes.

Shouldn’t we be bidding adieu to those days of all-male shortlists for comedy and TV awards?

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Is it too late to say Happy New Year? I’m saying it anyway because this is my first Tomboy Tarts diary entry for 2018! We’re a few days in and somehow I already have 18 tabs open on my browser, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t let that happen. But then I check Twitter and see links to articles I want to read, that I honestly plan to read but then don’t get round to it.

Sigh. I should not be reading articles anyway. Instead I should be reading all the script entries we have had for the 2017 Funny Women comedy writing award. AND I AM. Just once I have read all these articles about Oprah Winfrey running for president – I take it we’ve just given up on the apparent ‘Leader of the Free World’ being a serious job and come 2020 there won’t be debates but auditions.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Oprah’s speech. I thought it was great, I thought Natalie Portman’s jibe introducing the ‘all male nominees’ was brilliant. I’m all for the odd crossovers, heck I’m an intersectional feminist. I just feel squinky about how some of America goes about picking potential candidates.

I hope the Golden Globes has kicked off a year in which we do make a habit of noting all-male shortlists, and for that matter all white shortlists. We’re only just starting 2018 and already in the UK, I have seen various all male or all white shortlists for comedy and TV awards, which is disappointing when I think about all the great projects I have seen that bely a greater diversity already present in the media. So I shall toast this new year in with the hope this year the world actually sees the talent we have out there. Cheers!


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