This March in our Funny Women Diaries, Kate reflects upon the London attack, how we can survive and support each other during these strange and unstable times and why comedy is still important, even in tragedy.

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I am writing this the morning after the attack in London in which some people died and others were severely injured. A friend who works in the Westminster area shared his joy at seeing one survivor being pulled from the Thames. One.

How do we survive these strange and unstable times? What do we do? How do we support each other? In times of great tragedy in the UK, you often hear people talk about the Blitz spirit. Yesterday children trapped in Westminster on a school trip decided to sing while they waited for the area to be made safe. On social media, people urged others not to share any images of the dead and injured for fear of upsetting friends and family. An image went viral with ‘we are not afraid’ written on the London Underground logo.

At Funny Women we had very little time to decide whether to go ahead with our planned Award Winners Showcase at Channel 4 that night. The venue was near the affected area and we didn’t want to seem insensitive to what had happened. However, we agreed that in times like this comedy is important.

So last night at Channel 4 we gathered with some of our favourite comedians, advisory board, supporters and industry professionals to watch Jan Ravens present our 2016 winners of the stage, writing and comedy shorts awards. Jan and all the winners did a fantastic job and the night brought a little section of London together with laughter. Because what the world needs now, is laughs, sweet laughs.

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