Just last week, Gal Gadot released the perfect Wonder Woman poster to put it on the dorm wall, where she looks like a superhero Goddess against a stunning backdrop. Now the actress has unleashed the reveal the latest trailer upon us the mere mortals. “Welcome to Themyscira,” she wrote on  “I am proud to present the NEW trailer for #WonderWoman!”

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In this new clip, we are introduced to Wonder Woman before she became a superhero. “The gods gave us many gifts one day you’ll know them all,” says her mom, Queen Hippolyta, played by Connie Nielsen. Except that Princess Diana of Themyscira won’t be the one wielding the greatest sword of all.

“Only the fiercest among us even could. And that is not you, Diana.” Right. As if the young Diana Prince will stand for it. We all know that’s just a cue for our favourite Amazonian to prove her mother wrong. True enough in true Rocky form, we see a young Diana train “5 x harder, 10x harder” with other Amazons before owning her fearsome aunt General Antiope (Robin Wright) in the most kickass takedown ever.

Wonder Woman is the first ever superhero movie to tell a female story, not to mention a queer one. The upcoming movie is set in World War I-era London, a time when women did not even have the right to vote. So how does our plucky heroine who hails from an island inhabited only by fierce women warriors deal with onlookers shocked by the mere sight of her battle armour? As her sidekick Chris Pine’s Captain Steve Trevor quickly finds out, she is not the one to stand back. Frilly dresses be damned!

Wonder Woman Origin Story Trailer


After all, the Amazon warrior does carry the weight of the world and possibly the fate of extended DC universe on her bare shoulders. The much-hyped Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad films have deflated faster than a hot air balloon at the box office and failed to whet our appetite for a new generation of DC superheroes. Could Wonder Woman be the bullet-deflecting, lasso-flinging salvation we’ve been waiting for?

Judging by the trailers alone, Wonder Woman looks set to be one of the biggest movies of 2017.  The tightly choreographed action sequences alone are out of this world. We simply can’t get enough of the valiant Gal Gadot – a lone voice of good against evil – taking out the enemy forces in a glorious all-or-nothing showdown.

Monster Director Patty Jenkins has come full circle with directing the Wonder Woman epic – a project that she has championed tirelessly for years. Shockingly, she is also the second female director in history to ever direct a superhero movie. As Game Of Thrones’s Septa Unella would say, “Shame, shame” on you Hollywood!

Jenkins wants to make it clear that this is a movie for everyone – not just for women.

“I’m making a movie about Wonder Woman, who I love, who to me is one of the great superheroes, so I just treated her like a universal character, and that’s what I think is the next step when I think you can do that more and more and when studios have the confidence to do that more and more.”

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.

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