Gusty. Driven. Olympian. This week, Singapore national rower Saiyidah Aisyah rows by this episode of Tomboy Tirade to talk about her passion rowing and how she overcame insurmountable odds to achieve her dream of competing in the Rio Olympics.

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Who do you hope to see when stranded on a deserted island with only Wilson the volleyball for your company? For Tomboy Tarts Siti and Raven, they couldn’t be more than happy when Saiyidah turns up in her boat to recuse the wacky duo.

Can Saiyidah reunite Siti and Raven with rest of the Tomboy Tirade crew as they escape a creepy island of the dolls and try to out row a breaching whale?

It’s an episode of Olympics proportions so download or stream the episode below now!





Saiyidah Aisyah is Singapore national rower and is currently rowing in a single scull for the lightweight category.

Back in 2011, the whole of Singapore Rowing team was down with food poisoning at the SEA Games in Indonesia and yet Saiyidah went on to win 2 Bronze medals in the games, despite recovering from a high fever.

2 months before the SEA Games in Myanmar in 2013, Saiyidah had a freak accident broke her nose, fractured her orbital floor and tore her retina. Most people will be out for months but within a week, she was already back on the boat. She later made history at the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar by winning Singapore’s first rowing gold (2,000m lightweight singles sculls) since 1997.

Saiyidah’s biggest dream is to compete in the Olympics. Despite failing to make the cut for London, Saiyidah persevered on, even when she had to leave her job to train in Australia and took to crowd-funding to fund her training expenses after using up most of her life savings.

This year, she became the first Singaporean rower to qualify and compete in the Olympics. The trailblazer continued her remarkable and inspiring journey by reaching the quarter-finals of the women’s singles sculls at the Rio Games.

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2. Q & A [16’22”]

We get Saiyidah to play our Q & A and make a few surprising and funny discoveries about the rower herself! What turns her on? What superstitions or rituals does she perform before any competition? If she could go back in time, what is one thing that she will tell her 18 -year old self?