The iconic superhero turns 75 this year and she is busier than ever. Can we just take a moment to talk about the awesome Wonder Woman trailer that was just unleashed at the San Diego Comic Con? Great Hera! To celebrate this important milestone,DC kicks off their year-long celebration with new releases and other special events.

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“There’s no better time than now,” DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson tells PEOPLE of the resurgence of Wonder Woman. “The overall conversation that’s happening in our culture right now – about having stronger gender equality representation in media and in government and in education and all of it just makes it the perfect time to see a character like Wonder Woman out there.”

Indeed, we think it’s not enough to just celebrate her 75th anniversary. How about celebrating Wonder Woman every day? For the past 75 years, Wonder Woman is the most famous and recognizable female comic book character in the world. Created by psychologist William Moulton Martson, the Princess Diana of Themyscirar made her first appearance in 1941 with All-Star Comics #8, back when there were hardly any female superheroes around. The following year, Wonder Woman got her own comic book with Sensation Comics.


Since then Wonder Woman has become immensely popular and a cultural force, appearing in comics, animation, magazine covers, games and her landmark TV series, played by Lynda Carter. When it comes to the movies,  it was a series of false starts and heartbreaks for fans before she finally landed her own solo live action movie for 2017 and became the first ever female superhero to hit the theaters in recent years. There is a lot riding on Wonder Woman’s shoulder’s right now.

To promote her highly anticipated movie, actress Gal Gadot reprised her Wonder Woman role on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and completely stole the movie with her badassery. Sorry Superman and Batman, we are just way more excited to see her on the big screen ever since Warner Brothers announced her cameo. And face it, guys, she saved your movie.

It’s telling that Warner Bros. started their massive Saturday-opening Comic-Con International Hall H panel by showing off Wonder Woman.  In fact, we were completely blown away by the trailer which is way better anything that we had expected to it be, with action, humour, and super strength all in one thrilling package. How cool is that to see Wonder Woman takes on an entire army all by herself?

“What I do is not up to you,” says Wonder Woman to Steve Trevor before she goes into battle on her own.  And there you have it: Wonder Woman is the bullet-deflecting, lasso-flinging hero the world needs right now.


Way before the movies, though, Wonder Woman has always held her own with Batman and Superman in the trinity of DC’s most iconic superheroes. At the same time, she stands alone as a symbol of justice, equality, peace and female empowerment. With her roots in Greek mythology and American feminism, Wonder Woman is a unique and compelling figure in comics like no other.

To kick off the year-long celebrations, DC has released a brand new logo for Wonder Woman. In fact, they are rolling out the biggest superhero party ever with new releases, merchandise, and special events, throughout the rest of the year, culminating in the theatrical release of Wonder Woman. 

The new logo first came out in print on June 22 with the Wonder Woman #1, written by Greg Rucka who has returned to the series for the DC rebirth event.  A commemorative box set of Wonder Woman’s greatest stories is to be released in July, together with a hardcover special edition celebrating her 75th anniversary to be released in October. These arrived on the heels of recently announced Wonder Woman merchandise, including an SDCC-exclusive Wonder Woman Barbie as well as a DC Comics Multiverse Wonder Woman Action Figure and Invisible Jet combo set (available exclusively on beginning June 17) designed especially for the 75th celebration.



Wonder Woman is even taking on fashion these days. For the fashionistas, Valentino debuted a special Wonder Woman capsule collection complete with coats, jeans, and handbags. Those looking for comfortable footwear for their daily commutes than those thigh high boots would pleased with the Converse Wonder Woman sneaker collection. If you want to travel like Wonder Woman, look out for luggage and backpacks from Pottery Barn. Curious about Wonder Woman’s beauty regime? You can look forward to Wonder Woman-inspired beauty products available exclusively at Walgreens.

For those who can’t wait for the movie, you can watch the new webisodes from the recently launched DC Super Hero Girls line prominently featuring Wonder Woman, as well as an original animated movie, “DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year,” coming to Digital HD on August 9 and DVD on August 23.

So which of these are you most excited about? (Besides the movie, clearly) With the DC rebirth, it’s back to the comics and time for us to catch up on our all reading before the movie’s arrival.


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