Howard Stern, Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, these are all super famous radio jocks that achieved massive stardom. This week on Tomboy Tirade, we try to get our share of the fame game by taking over a radio station and hijacking Melbourne radio personality, Ginni Saraswati’s weekly show until bad static hits us up in the butt.

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Ginni Saraswati. Sri Lankan. Gay. Witty. Smart. Cashew-curry-lovin’ tomboy woman of epic journalistic proportions swings by this episode of Tomboy Tirade!

The award-winning journalist and amusing and endearing host of Melbourne’s “The Ginni Show” podcast holds the Tirade Crew, Raven, Persis and Joanna hostage while Siti gets locked out to go look for reinforcements for a quick rescue. The tomboys realise that their dreams of breaking into a radio station isn’t as easy as they thought and that finding fame over the airwaves isn’t exactly their cup of cha.

It’s an episode of epic South Asian proportions so download or stream the episode below now!




Ep 78-radiojack-city-ginni-saraswati-tomboy-tarts-tomboy-tirade-2

Ginni Saraswati is the media personality and creative management powerhouse you’ve heard on the airwaves, seen on your TV screens and at many festivals and events around the world. She lives in Melbourne, Australia but feels truly at home taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

Starting her own international entertainment and events company BLING in 2012, Ginni has risen through the ranks of the Australian media scene to be one of the leading LGBT radio personalities and event managers in the merry land of Oz – Australia.

Based in Melbourne, Ginni has worked in commercial and community Radio & TV for over 7 years working with some of the world’s leading professionals from artists to performers, politicians, influencers and public relations powerhouses in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, London, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.

From interviewing Paula Abdul, Marlee Matlin and Jennifer Beals, she names former Queer As Folk star and creator of The TV series The Fosters – Peter Paige – as one of the most memorable experiences of her media careers.

Ep 78-radiojack-city-ginni-saraswati-tomboy-tarts-tomboy-tirade-2

Born in Dehiwala in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Ginni grew up as a shy girl with dreams of being a doctor – (like every good Sri Lankan girl)…but she soon discovered she wasn’t too fond of science, and instead loved the Spice Girls. She knew she had to work in an industry where she could have a voice – share stories, and unleash her comedic charms and dance moves on unsuspecting audiences.

Studying Creative Arts & Cinema Studies, Ginni moved into radio journalism after many years acting and writing for theatre. She joined Australia’s first and only LGBTIQ station, JOY 94.9 in June 2007, and burst onto the scene with her quirky sense of comedy, quick wit, pop-culture and music knowledge – coming to life on the airwaves and growing in to the personality she is today.

Today, as one of the co-hosts of one of Melbourne’s most popular breakfast radio shows Rise Up, she brings sass to the airwaves with fellow co-host and Melbourne comedian Adam Samuel, broadcasting the latest news, and interviews with local international celebrities, and always having the last word!

Like, follow or stalk Ginni on social media! Find her footprints here on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also listen to ‘The Ginni Show’ podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.



a) Dr Strange – Too Strange For Marvel?

We take a stab at Marvel’s latest comic book film that features Benedict Cumberbatch playing an Asian-influenced superhero! As Cumberbatch takes on the character in true Fu Manchu hirsuteness, we discuss how this film sits in with the rest of the releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No munchkins were killed in the making of this segment btw.

b) Shailene Woodley’s Unfortunate Arrest in N.Dakota

Our next news highlight is controversial indeed. A growing number of celebrities are joining the fight against construction of the Dakota Access oil pipeline on tribal land — including actress Shailene Woodley, who faces trial after her arrest during the protests. Her arrest has brought nothing but more attention to the issue at hand which raises questions about the treatment of indigenous people and their land. We ponder over this and more in this segment.



Right-o and in true Ginni Show fashion, hostages, Raven, Persis and Joanna must keep the almighty Ginni happy enough until Siti comes to rescue the brood. So what better way to kill the time than to take up The Ginni Face Challenge where Raven, Persis and Joanna are given various scenarios to take a reaction selfie too and below are the results!

In the first scenario where Donald Trump calls us nasty women, Joanna does serial killer angry face, Persis is not amused and does anime-cute-face while Raven revels in her inner bitch.

Ep 78-radiojack-city-ginni-saraswati-tomboy-tarts-tomboy-tirade-2

In the second scenario, Beyonce offers us a chance to be backup dancers. Persis is like ‘Hell yea!’, Joanna is thrilled while Raven dreads the thought of it.

Ep 78-radiojack-city-ginni-saraswati-tomboy-tarts-tomboy-tirade-2

In the third and final scenario, Ginni tells us that actress and model Ruby Rose wants us to be on her podcast, so how do we react? Persis is like ‘Huh? Whoa!’ while Raven takes the chance to flirt with Ruby while Joanne delves deeper into her serial killer stance with gangsta face. So who wins each challenge? Tune in and find out!