Hey kids! It’s episode 84 of Tomboy Tirade and this week we have a special interview with FBI agent turned surf-rock musician who has just released her latest album entitled ‘The Magician’.

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Surf Rocking With Susan Surftone-Tomboy Tarts

Persis and Raven are interviewing former FBI agent turned surf and blue rock musician, Susan Surftone in this Tomboy Tirade Interview Special.

Check out the spiffy interview special below but we apologise for the not-so-great-audio for this interview on Susan’s audio. We did try to clean it up but it came from the source. Don’t let that spoil your enjoyment though of the episode.

We talk about Susan’s early musical influences and give you a track-by-track analysis from Susan herself on all the songs featured on her ‘The Magician’ EP, which is now available on Spotify and iTunes.