Coachella 2016 is back and is, along with Glastonbury, one of the most highly anticipated music and arts festivals around and although we couldn’t be there, we’ve got some snapshots from the world’s biggest desert party. Check them out below.

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The hipsters have awoken! If there was a modern equivalent to Woodstock, then the annual music and arts festival at Coachella that takes place at the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley, right smack and centre of the Colorado Desert, fits the bill, kicking up a communal hippy dust storm every year.

It’s a star-studded event where you can expect the Jenners, Pattinson’s and uber cool, young Hollywood celebs to be there decked out in their fedoras, sun-dresseses and of course, the H&M Coachella Collection which we tomboys aren’t going to don by the way. (Sorry guys but that’s how we roll.)

There’ll also probably be mucky weather to deal with out there in the desert that will roast you in the day and give you hypothermia at night. However, in true music festival fashion, none of that will matter when bugging out to your favourite well-known and buzzing indie-pop artists. For Coachella enthusiasts like you, it will just be a drunken stupor with your posse (with some drugs in your pockets as well), holding hands and annoying actual music fans who are there for the music, by weaving and barging your way through to front of stage action.

Speaking of onstage action, this year’s lineup includes fringe acts like Lost Frequencies, Jason Bentley and Nina Kraviz but expect big guns like Mavis Staples, LCD Soundsystem, Guns N Roses, Foals, Wolf Alice, Seal, Underworld, and SIA to take the stage over the next two weekends.

Unfortunately, we won’t be there this year, holding hands with you and singing kumbaya. What we do have are snapshots of what’s going down on the ground at the festival, thanks to all the lovely Instagrammers who gave us their blessing to feature their unique Coachella 2016 experiences on this article.

Coachella 2016 Snapshots from the Biggest Desert Party

   INSTAGRAM PHOTOS BY: @scunci (Top-L)   @pritransferetti (Top-R)  @emmylowephoto (Centre)  @taylorswift  (Bottom-L)   @z_kacz (Bottom-R)

Coachella 2016 Snapshots from the Biggest Desert Party

   INSTAGRAM PHOTOS BY: @seeingtiff (Top-L)   @hollywoodscl (Bottom-L)  @sharry31 (R)

Coachella 2016 Snapshots from the Biggest Desert Party

   INSTAGRAM PHOTOS BY:  @scunci (Top-L)  @pritransferetti (Top-R)  @hellothisisjam (Centre)  @mysingularkitchen (Bottom-L)  @katyperry (Bottom-R)

Coachella 2016 Snapshots from the Biggest Desert Party

   INSTAGRAM PHOTOS BY:  @jonrielnicart (Top-L)  @soleainesa (Bottom-L)  @kellihurley  (R)

Once again, thank you to all the good, kind folk who let us get a unique peek into their Coachella 2016 experience. Enjoy the rest of the concert and tell us what you liked about the festival this year.