Noted for her androgynous look and athletic physique, competitive swimmer and newcomer Clare Larsen has become the modelling world’s new favourite tomboy.

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Clare Larsen’s offbeat style caught the eye of the scout at a West Hollywood brunch spot and ever since, the new Ford model has been working on the West Coast. However, her career went into overdrive  after appearance in Italian Vogue and a stint on Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Resort catwalk.

In a recent interview with The Vogue, Larsen opens up about how she feels about being the new poster tomboy in the modelling world. “I love it! I think it’s very fun to put a twist on gender roles—it makes people do a double take.”



“It was insane,” says the up and comer as she shares her experience shooting with Italian Vogue. “I was terrified, but it was all really fun. There were so many people doing things at once and it was overwhelming, but so professional feeling. I think that shoot was the first time I realized how much of a group effort putting out quality photography is.”

When Larsen isn’t modelling, she’s busy swimming competitively. She may have started late at 13 years old but quickly made up for the lost time and is now qualified to go to the sectionals, which is a high level meet. “I love swimming because being with my team every day and working so hard really works for me. It keeps me in shape, happy, and driven, and maybe a little too competitive!”

The music lover credited her mother for her signature hair cut and is her own DIY stylist. “When I was really little, I used to always play with my hair and tie these impossible knots. So I cut it (or, more, my mom did), and I have had it short ever since. It’s fun, because it’s so easy, and when it gets long I can cut it myself without having to worry about it!”



Her portfolio at Ford Models showcases her chiselled looks in those black and white portraits and features her diverse style from chilling out in a stripped sweater and jeans combo to rocking out like a female version of James Dean with that all-important leather jacket. Over at Tomboy Tarts, we think she resembles a young Tilda Swinton and can’t wait see what future holds for a such a talented new model who is the perfect embodiment of tomboy style.

Yet despite her success, Larsen remains down-to-earth and looks up to her family members as her personal heroes. She ends off with a great advice for aspiring models that even us can take to heed. “For some people, modelling can get to your head and you can start becoming something you aren’t. Stay true to what you believe in and people will like you for who you are, not someone else.”

Stay real always, Clare Larsen!