Stuck for tomboy gifts ideas? We reach out to our friends over at Kitsch Kandy who’ve also got some pretty epic pressies that will make your loved ones glad to have you!

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Once you hear them in November, there is no going back. It started out innocently enough with Christmas songs playing in the shops. Before you know it, the decor is rolled out by elves overnight and you became inundated with those dreadful songs whenever you step into a mall or mall until they gradually take over your sanity. Yes, there’s no getting away from it. The festive season is upon us.

But let’s face it – unless you are super organised – shopping for Christmas is an annual stress affair. And if you leave everything to the last minute and got caught in the desperate Christmas Eve shoppers stampede, may the odds ever be in your favour.

That’s why we at Tomboy Tarts and Kitsch Kandy prefer to do our shopping – in advance and online. It’s easy, fun and you can do it everywhere and anytime. This year, we have a list of gifts for everybody, tomboys included. Whether it is that boss you are trying impress, a Secret Santa gift for that colleague you barely know or a romantic gift for that special tomboy in your life, Kitsch Kandy has got you covered.

There is never a better time to buy and take advantage of those great discounts during the festive season. So dive in and happy shopping!
*International shipping is available.

kitsch kandy winter 2016Less about fashion, more about style

Buying clothing can be a risky business, but get it right and you’ll be the hero of the festive hour.
Unsure about the sizing or fit?  A safer bet will be our fabulous selection of accessories – bags, scarfs, watches, or jewellery

Light it up

I strongly believe in the power of good lighting. So, how can you go wrong with the awesome lighting range from Kitsch Kandy? There’s something cosy and charming about these Vegas lights.

Make it cosy

What better to cuddle in bed with your Kindle and a steaming mug of hot chocolate when it is freezing outside?  So take a look at Kitsch Kandy’s selection of cushions, that will complement your loved ones’ style and offer a comfortable place to lay your head.

Keep it novel

Gadgets. You truly can’t go wrong with a fancy phone case. Remember, they don’t even have to be expensive, just tasteful.

So, whether you’re looking for a Secret Santa Present for your colleague, a Stocking Filler for your special one or a Christmas present for a friend, Kitsch Kandy has a great range of gift ideas for all!