Check out Asics wicked new Gel Respector Moonbeam Shoes that have finally been released to the public just this mid-September. This classic icon is perfect for all us tomboys looking for a neutral-toned shoe with a solid build, yet has enough presence to create great swag for any tomboy-style out there.

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There’s a new sexy shoe in town tomboys! Bring out the sneaker paparazzi because the wicked new Asics Gel Respector Moonbeam Shoes is one swanky shoe to add to your tomboy collection.

This shoe makes you feel you can fly with its gel cushioning and heel clip. Released in stores mid-September, these shoes are getting snapped up quickly.

The Asics Gel Respector is ready to rock any tomboy style you can think of. Pair it off with your blazers and skinnies, your berms and baseball caps or your leather rock look.


Whatever it is, the Asics Gel Respector Moonbeam edition is a classic vintage icon but yet fresh enough for fans to embrace it in 2016.

Its off-white suede build gives its upper a super clean feel. The best part? You’re getting a pair of sneaks with solid swank in a neutral tone that does not overwhelm whatever outfit of the day you’ve got on.


TheAsics Gel Respector Moonbeam shoe is also available in limited edition asphalt gold exclusively for the German market but for the rest of the world, snap it up at your local Asics store or online today.