Women’s performance apparel brand Athleta launches the Power of She campaign where strong women join forces to create social impact with health and wellness. We say it’s about time. Read on to find out more…

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You gotta admit it. There has never been a better time for women to flex their biceps this post-millenium age. Everywhere from your Lean Ins and Girls in Techs to your Hillary Clintons and Malala Yousafzai’s, girls are now being pumped chockfull of empowerment messages. Whether you choose to unhook your bras and swing them in the air or leave your armpits as unshaven as an Australian bush, you can’t deny that the awareness and the voices of female empowerment are growing louder as each year swings us by.

Lending their vocals to this choir is Sonoma County-founded women’s athlete clothing brand, Athleta.

The famous women’s yoga clothing, swimwear, running clothing and athletic clothing company is starting 2017 with the launch of a Power of She campaign showcasing the power of women coming together to create social impact through a foundation of health and wellness. (Yay!)

adass Women Gender Equality Athleta Harnesses The Power Of She In A Campaign Celebrating Women's Strengths Tao Athleta Magazine Tomboy Tarts

The semantics behind the new campaign is simple. It builds on the Power of She platform the brand launched in April 2016.  The Power of She brings to life the brand’s mission to ignite a community of active, confident women and girls to reach their limitless potential and celebrates the power of sisterhood with the mantra “Alone We Are Strong, United We Thrive.”

“Athleta stands for inclusivity,” said Athleta President Nancy Green.  “We want to break down stereotypes and help redefine perceptions of wellness and strength while celebrating the power of the female collective to make an impact. These women embody the Power of She and represent the impact each of us can have in our community and in the world,” added Green.

Hell yeah! That’s right tomboys! Bring out your inner Black Widow. It’s time to Avenger the shit out of female power!

What we at Tomboy Tarts like about The Power of She campaign is that it isn’t just focused on young women. Lord knows, we’ve had enough of that everywhere in a lot of Emma Watson led campaigns that’s left the team here questioning, ‘Hey, what about the older women? We have empowerment issues too!’

adass Women Gender Equality Athleta Harnesses The Power Of She In A Campaign Celebrating Women's Strengths Tao 2 Tomboy Tarts

And if anything, older women have been put through the feminist wringer longer than this new generation of girls and that pretty much equals a negative experience because while global media outlets shout and scream about female rights, when it really comes down to it, globally, particularly in Asia, we’re still not quite gaining traction in civil and social laws,

In a study by LeanIn.org, corporate America, women fall behind early and continue to lose ground with every step. (Hey, let’s not even talk about Asian demographics where numerous societies still fraternise closely and refuse to let go of old-fashioned patriarchal and chauvinist behaviours and attitudes.)

But back to the study – it was found that

  • For every 100 women promoted to manager, 130 men are promoted
  • Very few women are in line to become CEO because by the time women reach the SVP level, they hold just 20% of line roles, and line roles lead more directly to the C-suite: In 2015, 90% of new CEOs in the S&P 500 were promoted or hired from line roles.
  • Women experience an uneven playing field.
  • Women are negotiating as often as men—but face pushback when they do. When they negotiate for a promotion or compensation increase are 30% more likely than men who negotiate to receive feedback that they are “bossy,” “too aggressive,” or “intimidating.” (TT: Wtf?!)

Unfortunately, those findings are just the tip of the iceberg, which is why when campaigns like these come along, placing equal importance on women from different demographics and backgrounds, it’s not only a breath of fresh air, it’s a game changer because it shows a level of maturity about the issues plaguing the community.

The campaign features a collection of stories each highlighting one ‘power’ of Power of She from women of all different ages and backgrounds highlighting each of their strengths from positivity, potential, community and confidence. Check out some of the kick ass personalities featured below.


Badass Women Gender Equality Athleta Harnesses The Power Of She In A Campaign Celebrating Women's Strengths Tao Tomboy Tarts

You won’t believe it until you see it but at 98 years old, Tao Porchon-Lynch is the world’s oldest yoga instructor whose philosophy is “there is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us.” And she’s damn right too because if anything, Tao, whose been practising yoga for 70 years, could out-stretch anyone half her age and beyond. She and Dr. Terri Kennedy, a Harvard-trained strategist, Master Life Coach, yoga & meditation teacher and award-winning author, recently collaborated on a book about Tao’s life entitled Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being. The two also travel the world together to inspire and impact the lives of women across the globe.


Badass Women Gender Equality Athleta Harnesses The Power Of She In A Campaign Celebrating Women's Strengths Estelle Tomboy Tarts

When Audrey ‘s daughter Estelle was born with Down syndrome, she helped create Club 21 Learning and Resource Center as a community for parents of children with Down syndrome dedicated to including people with Down syndrome in society.  She partnered with local studio Rose City Yoga, where instructors Melanie and Kimi lead classes teaching their students confidence and the power of their potential.


Badass Women Gender Equality Athleta Harnesses The Power Of She In A Campaign Celebrating Women's Strengths Community Tomboy Tarts

This trio of athletes turned their passion for running into a way to support and bring awareness to maternal health for women around the world through Every Mother Counts (EMC).  Clancy, Kristen and Roma participate in races to raise awareness and funds to provide skilled healthcare to new and soon-to-be moms around the world.


Badass Women Gender Equality Athleta Harnesses The Power Of She In A Campaign Celebrating Women's Strengths Estelle Tomboy Tarts

Kate T. Parker is a professional photographer who takes photos of girls the way they are naturally – in her words, “silly, adventurous, frustrated, happy, athletic, fierce, funny.” She has collected her photos in a new book Strong is the New Pretty (Workman Publishing; available in March) celebrating the strength and spirit of girls being 100% themselves.

Each of the stories above will be prominently featured in Athleta’s catalog, in its stores and across digital channels.  The brand’s Chi Blog hosts the campaign content and it will also be where Athleta has also added resources for women who are inspired by the campaign to get involved with the organizations featured.  The brand will be hosting in-store events throughout the campaign to give women and girls the chance to showcase their Power of She, so head down to the site for more info because if you’re looking for inspiration, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Additionally, Athleta announced that it is a member of #SeeHer, a movement to accurately portray all women and girls in media spearheaded by the Association of National Advertiser (ANA)’s Alliance for Family Entertainment.

“We are delighted to have Athleta and their new campaign ‘The Power of She’ join our #SeeHer movement.  Athleta’s portrayal of women as strong, smart, beautiful, fun and fearless is a valuable addition to our mission of championing an accurate representation of women in media.  We applaud Athleta for amplifying this important message,” said Stephen Quinn, Chairman, ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment.

All we can say is – nice move Athleta. There’s no doubt you guys are pushing the envelope on gender equality with this campaign. Now let’s hope it breaks down more walls, silences more critics of the gender gap and pretty much continues to put us on the right track to close that great Grand Canyon divide.