Tomboy Tarts: About

Proudly born in Southeast Asia,
Tomboy Tarts is a lifestyle site that celebrates the classic tomboy spirit.

We’re also home to Asia’s biggest & only all-female comedy chat podcast, Tomboy Tirade.

We welcome you to our kingdom!

Tomboy - design

Welcome to Tomboy Tarts!

We are a team of cool, passionate tomboy gals who can tell our lipsticks from our brogues at the drop of our fedora hats and we’re really glad you’re here celebrating the classic tomboy spirit with us.

We’re bringing back the real meaning of tomboy; something more than just women wearing men’s clothing . We’re talking about the woman who dared being something else other than what society expected her to be.

The kind of woman that classic tomboy greats like Katherine Hepburn, Annie Lennox, Diane Keaton, Marlene Dietrich and Amelia Earhart embodied.

These women oozed courage, beauty, adventure, geek and style while straddling their girly and boyish sides effortlessly, breaking all the rules of the game, which is how Tomboy Tarts came about.

It’s our playful and cheeky way of saying tomboys are fun, chic and cool chicks!

From comedy, fashion, travel and lifestyle to media and technology, Tomboy Tarts provides a smart, witty and well-curated collection of stories, appealing to the new cool woman of today.

Tomboy Tarts and the Tomboy Tirade comedy chat podcast are helmed by co-founders, Persis Shanker and Raven Lim and their team of regular contributers who just can’t wait to jump out of bed everyday to do what we do here at the site.

So get your tomboy tart on and enjoy the site!