Since last year, activewear has hit the mainstream and its popularity is still going strong. It’s now absolutely ok to wear your yoga pants everywhere. And that’s awesome. Major fashion brands are breaking into the market which means more choices for us customers. Even Queen Beyonce has made her foray into the athleisure market. Between the comfy classics and statement prints, you will want to be ahead of the activewear trends in 2017.

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Harem Pants

MC. Hammer called and he wanted his pants back. But sorry dude, we are never these taking these off – ever. The new harem pants are a mix of the original Hammer pants and India sari pants and they are so freaking comfortable that you can wear them to yoga classes, travel, sleep and basically live in them. For those who like to keep their bits down there airy and not have the life squeezed out of them, these harem pants are pure perfection.
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Harem Sweatpant from NYTT

Shredded Everything

Feels like we need a Youtube instruction video for how to put on some of these shredded clothing this season. The straps are just calling out to be snagged in the washing machine or by a branch. Fashion over function, anyone?
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Web Tank from Koral

Camouflage Prints

Welcome to the jungle, folks! Camouflage print has always been a timeless fashion statement, but we know it is going to be a blazing trend in activewear for 2017. Time to put on the face paint and bring out the paintball guns!
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Active Women’s All Over Camo Printed Leggings from RBX

Performance Bralettes and crop tops

Are bralettes the new crops tops? Can someone tell us the real difference between the two? Either way, we dig this Libertine bralette from Manduka which has midriff cut, longer silhouette, and peek-a-boo back for a timeless and classic look. Now if only the brands can step up their game and design a good bralette for women with bigger bust sizes.
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Libertine Bralette from Manduka

Sports Bomber Jackets

Make a statement in a bomber jacket. This year they are coming in breathable and lightweight performance material. Now you can pound the streets and have swag at the same time.
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Women’s Bonded Woven Reversible Bomber Jacket from Nike

Jogger Pants
On days when you just can’t even, putting together an on-point outfit for work can be an almost impossible task. Even after coffee. While it’s tempting to wear those pajamas pants to work, you know very well they are just not going to fly at the office. Enter Joggers Pants, the way cooler cousin of sweatpants which are redefining smart casual.
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Rain Check Jogger from Native Youth

Oversized Sweatshirt
You wear sweatshirts at home, when you are running errands or working out in the cold. They keep you warm and comfortable when you are tired or sad or simply hung over. And then Monday rolls over and you have to ditch your favourite clothes for something more presentable. But what if you can continue to wear them for work and play all through the week? Hail the grown up sweatshirts with luxe fabrics or neat embellishments to take you from the gym to the office.
Our Tomboy Tarts must-have: Seem Pullover from Cheap Monday